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Asia: Singapore

Singaporean held Organic Fish-Based Fertilizer Manufacturer Seeking Investor for Scaling

The company is a producer of processed seafood and organic fish-based fertilizers in used for land-based farming. The holding is located in Singapore with a production subsidiary in Malaysia. Pilot projects have shown rice farming output to double and even triple compared to respective output benchmarks using chemical fertilizers. Target markets are widespread with current supply to Malaysia, Brunei, Nigeria, and China. To grow the fertilizer business the company intends to sell a minority stake of 20% to 30% to a strategic investor.
Asia - South: India

Equity fund held by Renowned Company Headquartered out of Delhi

Equity fund held by family-owned company, one of the most renowned and oldest Asset Management companies based in New Delhi, looking for foreign investors aiming at sustainable and healthy returns.
Asia: Turkey

Automotive OEM Parts Manufacturer from Turkey - Seeking Investor for Growth

The Turkey based seller is a well-known automotive OEM & Aftermarket parts manufacturer producing gas spring, steering parts, and dampers, among others. The company has high quality & QC standards (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, Ford Q1 with ISO27001 in progress) and a certified R&D center. Year-end sales in 2020 reached almost USD 6.5 million with an EBITDA of 30%. The 2021 sales growth target is 40% year-on-year. The company is exporting globally through a US entity with vast network and spare parts portfolio. Their growth ambitions are in product and market diversification, as well as faster product development. The company employs 200 staff and has 11,000 square meters of production area with a customized CPM-Master ERP system in place. There is room for extending the production facilities.
Asia - North Asia & China: China

Rubber Spare Parts Supplier from China – Seeking Majority Investor for Expansion in East Asia

The company is looking for a strategic partnership to expands its global reach and increase its market share in East-Asia. Based in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, the company is equipped with 10 vulcanization machines and operates on a total area of 13,800 square meters, rented from the government until 2060. Current markets are China and other East-Asian countries with ten to twenty percent of production being allocated to OEM business. The company is open to sell its majority shares.
Europe: France

French SaaS company is seeking buyers

The company gains €1.1 million revenue in 2020 by equipping 3 million square meters.For interested buyers, the sector benefits from strong medium-term market drivers such as regulation, the environment, and the rising use of the system in France, therefore has huge market potential.
Europe: France

French Weight Testing company is seeking buyers

The entity is a small size (22 employees) French industrial actor specialized in test weight, and steel manufacturing subcontracting, with a revenue of €3,8 million in 2019. Since 2004, the entity has reached out to the sectors as army, rental companies and industrial actors. Now they want to sell 100% of the shares.
Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

Vietnam skincare company is seeking buyers

With one joint stock company and 3 branches, the company prefers to sell 70%-80% of the shares. Company's forecast profit margin is estimated at 30% in both 2019 and 2020.
Asia - North Asia & China: Japan

Luxury hotels in Kyoto are seeking buyers

With approx 1.4m USD profit in FY 2019, the owner is looking for buyers for multiple small luxury hotels in popular areas of Kyoto.
Europe: Italy

Europe flowing-water power mini hydroelectric plants company - Seeking buyers

The company is seeking a consideration at about € 2.450.000 to transfer the equity, due to one of its associates want to terminate the business.


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