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Information Technology in the Asian region continues to evolve at unprecedented rates. Investors in all segments of IT – from IT services to telecom and hardware – need to align company strategy with IT infrastructure to counter potentially disruptive dig

The information technology (IT) market continues to evolve rapidly in Asia. The region has long served as a leading outsourcing destination, offering an advanced IT ecosystem for foreign investors.

While foreign investors have many options to develop their business in Asia, where and how to invest is a key consideration given the unique offerings of tier one hubs like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangalore as well as other emerging hubs in mainland China, Southeast Asia, and India.

The industry’s exponential development in the region – underpinned by the size of the labor pool as well as innovation and adoption of digital infrastructure – does, however, have to contend with existing laws and regulations in Asia that have not always been able to keep pace with the global industry, especially in areas such as data privacy and cyber security.

In this labor- and compliance-heavy environment, foreign investors need to be well-informed to maintain a competitive business.

How we can help companies achieve a competitive advantage within the IT industry:

The fast-changing investment conditions within this industry and overall regulatory landscape require companies to be diligent when investing in the Asian IT industry.

Countries in the region are fast developing local compliance norms for foreign investors. Our IT teams can help businesses assess any risks and help structure corporations to reap the benefits of investing in this industry.

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Dezan Shira and Associates can assist clients with licensing and IP protection issues investors may face within the information technology industry.

Investors may also be subject to increased tax and accounting compliance, while tech start-ups and SME’s may be able to leverage several governmental incentives.

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Almost all sectors are effected by innovation within the IT industry. Companies are required to embrace digital transformation as a core business process.

Foreign investors, with low ability to oversee local operations, can greatly benefit from Dezan Shira’s automated ERP systems as well as other services such as HR and payroll management or the centralized accounting infrastructure. 

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Dezan Shira & Associates has successfully guided many foreign investors in understanding the market dynamics, investment conditions, and establishment consideration for the industry in Asia.

Beyond this initial planning, the firm has helped many IT companies manage the evolving tax, legal, and operational environments in Asia as they adopt to best local and international practices in the industry and region.

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