Virtual CIO & Interim IT Operational Management Services


Virtual CIO & Interim IT Operational Management Services

Sustainably build & secure your IT operations in Asia.

For businesses that are growing across Asia, the help of a professional IT consultant as the Virtual CIO can help integrate operations in this part of the world into the global organization.

Leveraging such a resource can assist companies in accelerating connectivity between your employees in the region and the main corporate systems used at the HQ. This approach can also help facilitate the implementation of sharing and communication tools, and improve employee adoption, to develop efficiency across your organization.

A Dezan Shira & Associates’ Virtual CIO is an on-the-ground resource who works closely with your team to help achieve your information and technology objectives. Your ‘vCIO’ can work in the hardware and network space, ensuring your infrastructure is robust enough to cope with escalating corporate demands. The vCIO can also coordinate the implementation of security and communication tools that may be needed to better protect your data, such as Safeguard firewalls and VPN solutions. Implementation of software solutions can also be handled, such as rollout of the MS O365 platform or other similar solutions for your colleagues across Asia, or management of ERP localization and/or integration work.

Advantages of a Virtual CIO


Short or Long Term

Leverage a vCIO as an interim solution, during a transition, or as a supplementary advisor for a distinct technology challenge, project or business phase.


Cost Effective

Reduce the cost of your next project. vCIO's are often more cost effective than recruiting or sending an IT leader to oversee your next strategic IT project.


Local Expertise

Gain rapid access to updated local policy and practices, as well as about related matters such as local ISP, Cloud and Infrastructure sourcing and providers, data residency, cyber security, ERP design and 3rd party integration, and more.


Objective Views

Add clarity to unclear decision processes. A vCIO can inject objective views about challenges and options, particularly when corporate and department factors may not align to allow a strategy to move forward.



Meet changing and more diverse needs. vCIO's are backed by in-house experts in Finance, Audit, Legal, HR, Payroll and other disciplines.


Facilitate Communication

Help distinct departments in various offices, regions, and countries, work synergistically towards business objectives.

Virtual CIO solutions

Why choose a Virtual CIO?

A virtual CIO for your regional Asia business can be far more cost efficient than sending an executive from your own organization to lead your IT operations. A specialized, locally based resource also possesses expertise relevant to the on-the-ground environment. For example, the unique challenges faced by users in places like mainland China, where international internet connectivity and data security are fluid concepts.

Having your own IT-savvy and bilingual resource is also advantageous when it comes to coordinating with local external vendors and even some employees. The vCIO can drive forward initiatives like remote working strategies which require close attention to data security, the re-configuration and automation of certain process flows, while also ensuring user adoption.

A Dezan Shira & Associates Virtual CIO (vCIO) is backed by a wide range of multi-disciplinary service experts working within the firm. This resource can easily tap into professionals in the areas of law, human resources, accounting, tax and other disciplines. In this way, the vCIO’s capability to provide comprehensive support exceeds that of even larger technology specific firms. This ensures that our clients receive practical cross-disciplinary corporate services to meet their changing needs.

This capability to work closely with professionals in other disciplines can help to deal with all sorts of practical challenges which will arise as your company develops. For example, China’s Cybersecurity Law requires close collaboration between both IT and legal specialists, to ensure both compliance and workable solutions in the area of data protection.

In the finance and accounting sphere, technology specialists must work closely with finance counterparts, to localize your global ERP solution, or to integrate your systems with other platforms such as banking, tax filing, or payment systems. Tools and streamlined processes to facilitate remote working must be rolled-out with practical input from HR professionals familiar with the local working environment.

Ultimately, the vCIO can operate across a spectrum of fields including data security, effective information sharing, automated process development, and platform integration. The resource can effectively align your HQ expectations with on-the-ground execution in Asia.

Our approach depends upon your requirements and which package best suits your organization. Below are some of our most popular packages:

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