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Company structures and entities are the foundations of any organization’s success. They must be compliant, stable, and efficient in order to underpin the business strategy, and well maintained over the lifetime of the business to maximize a company’s compliance, value, and risk protection.

Dezan Shira & Associates offers a comprehensive suite of corporate secretarial services that empowers companies to simplify otherwise complex and unclear compliance as well as regulatory processes. Our services help ensure that company structures and entities remain healthy and compliant, be it across many jurisdictions in Asia or for a single entity.

Our Corporate Secretarial Advantage

We help companies navigate complexity with confidence

Keeping entities well-structured and legally compliant throughout the year is challenging for any international company, especially for operations in jurisdictions where regulations and requirements frequently change. Our Corporate Secretarial services are designed to provide companies with the reliable support needed for them to know with confidence that their entities in Asia remain in compliance, and are several steps ahead of internal and regulatory changes. The packages we offer are flexible, affordable, and tailored to the needs of each client, either as a stand-alone service or in combination with our regular accounting, tax, or legal advisory services.

Overview of Corporate Secretarial Services

  • Entities health check
  • Maintenance of books and records
  • Alerts for local regulatory and legal changes
  • Performing standard legal procedures for directorships, shareholders, entity names and registered addresses
  • Continuous tracking of entity registrations and compliance deadlines
  • Preparing and updating routine legal documentation
  • Submissions of annual accounts and tax returns to local authorities
  • Managing communications with investors and employees

How we can offer the tailored support you need

We help achieve alignment between your corporate goals, local regulatory standards, and effective management capabilities - tailored to specific needs and contexts covering corporate secretarial factors, including:

Corporate establishment services

Setting up a company in another country is not easy. There are different rules, steps, time frames, languages, and costs depending on the country, and even the city or region.

Dezan Shira & Associates is one of Asia’s leading specialists in cross-border company setup and structure, providing company formation services in China, Southeast Asia, the Indian sub-continent, and the Middle East. Our extensive services are provided by experienced teams of local experts, who can help you understand more than 25 jurisdictions around the world.

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Entity health check

For companies operating in foreign countries, it is important to conduct reviews of their entity structures and related administrative and legal processes on a regular basis to ensure they are compliant and updated with overseas structures and processes in the required areas. We provide this service for single entities, as well as for multiple entities, in which case a summary of international corporate entities report is provided, with an overview, snapshot of operations, and entity breakdowns.

Choosing between a simple health check and an in-depth review

A simple entity health check aims to fast-track the onboarding of clients and align their entity with recent regulatory changes.


Suitable for most SMEs, this approach seamlessly adds compliance process in place, and covers:

  • Verification of local public records, local statutory records, and corporate databases.
  • Changes in laws, rules, and requirements that require legal registration and incorporation documents amendments.

Our in-depth entities review option provides a more detailed corporate compliance status report, and thoroughly examines legal registration and incorporation documents, including registered company information, key stakeholders, ownership, share and contributions, verification of minutes, statutory filings, and more.

Ongoing corporate secretarial compliance

Maintaining proper corporate filings, licenses, and records helps a company ensure its legal and regulatory compliance, manage its key documentation, and keep sensitive information secured. Doing this well also builds value by tracking corporate progress and value, assisting with filings, and providing potential audit or lawsuit protections.

Corporate record keeping and filing reminders for license updates:

Our ongoing services helps companies meet legal, regulatory and internal corporate requirements with reliable, accurate, and proactive corporate record keeping and filing reminders that can assist companies remain securely one step ahead for their corporate secretarial maintenance needs.

  • Maintenance of Statutory Registers (shareholder agreements, capital contributions, articles of association).
  • Maintenance of Company Minute Book
  • Preparation of Shareholder Documents (shareholder capital contribution certificates, shareholder lists.).
  • Compliance check monitoring and reminders relating to market regulatory, tax, banking, foreign exchange, and customs authorities.
  • Updating corporate information in specific registration systems (e.g., China NECIP System).

International document retrieval services

When a major corporate event requires a formal process of verifying documents, it can be complex, time consuming, and potentially disruptive. Dezan Shira & Associates’ service of obtaining and delivering documents is quick, comprehensive, and consistent, covering the public records in more than 40 locations.

How can document retrieval help my business?

In many jurisdictions a major corporate event – a merger or acquisition, a new business relationship, changes to funding arrangements – will trigger a formal due diligence process. The company must confirm its eligibility to conduct business locally by submitting certain official documents.


The documents required include:

  • Certificates of good standing, incumbency, compliance and disclosure
  • Articles of association
  • Information from local registries
  • Evidence of formation
  • Compliance status checks on the entities involved

Legal document retrieval and company document retrieval services from Dezan Shira & Associates

Dezan Shira & Associates international document delivery service is thorough, reliable, and fast - particularly across multiple jurisdictions. Our global network of local experts make light work of all the document identification, acquisition, verification, and collation that non-specialists find laborious and confusing.

Registered offices and mail handling

Our Corporate Services teams can assist you in finding and setting up a registered office in almost any part of the world. If you only require a postal address, we can handle this both as a setup arrangement in countries where it is permitted and assist you with managing your postal mail as well.

Registered office address requirements and substance compliance

Some countries require your business to meet certain substance compliance requirements in order to operate there. This may include having a registered office address, as well as local reporting and infrastructure. Our registered office service and mail handling can help you pass these tests.


If a physical location is required for an incorporated company, association or other legal entity, we can help you establish yourself well in your region, no matter where you are in the world. Our global office brokerage service can even locate appropriate premises for your registered office.

For businesses that do not need a dedicated site, our own local offices may serve as your local communications center, helping to assist with processing your physical mail and forwarding communications to your team.

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