Corporate Virtual CFO Service


Corporate Virtual CFO Service

How a Virtual CFO can help your organisation.

Whether your company is a startup, a growing business in Asia, or a long-established company, the help of a professional financial consultant, as Virtual CFO, can make a significant difference its success, and provide peace of mind by assisting you to better guide your company’s sustainable financial performance.

A Dezan Shira & Associates’ Virtual CFO is an on-the-ground resource who works closely with your team to help achieve your financial objectives, on an interim or annual basis. Your ‘vCFO’ can provide a customized range of services, related to the guidance and oversight of financial budgeting, tax & cash flow management, and more. Such resources are not only better able to connect your local and group financial organizations, they are also backed by our teams of CPAs, tax professionals, accountants, lawyers and other experts - all at a fraction of the cost of an internal CFO.

Advantages of a Virtual CFO


Short or Long Term

Leverage a vCFO as an interim solution, during a transition, or as a supplementary advisor for a distinct challenge, project or business phase.


Cost Effective

Reduce the cost of your next project. vCIO's are often more cost effective than recruiting or sending an Finance leader to oversee your next strategic financial phase or project.


Local Expertise

Gain rapid access to updated local practices, regulatory and procedural knowledge, as well as corporate structures, profit repatriation, auditing, HR law and policies, IT infrastructure, and more.


Objective Views

Obtain more objective view of assessments, challenges and options, particularly local or department, and corporate profit and compliance strategies seem unable to align.


Agility beyond Finance

Meet increasingly diverse and changing needs, with our in-house legal, HR, payroll, technology, and other experts who are available to support a vCFO.


Facilitate Communication

Help distinct departments in various offices, regions, and countries, work synergistically towards business objectives.

Virtual CFO solutions

Key benefits

A virtual CFO for your regional Asia business can be far more cost efficient than sending an executive from your own organization to lead your strategic financial operations. Yet, doing so also provides local expertise which can guide your firm through its growth phases – from early growth, through challenges and transformation, to restructuring and optimizing profit strategies. This may be of particular value during an interim or transition period, or as a stage in your company’s development.

A Virtual CFO (vCFO) also provides your organization with expertise more robust and dynamic than an internal hire. Backed by teams of multi-disciplinary service experts, you gain through the vCFO, ready access to experts in the areas of law, human resources, payroll, technology and other disciplines.

A Dezan Shira & Associates vCFO has the capability to provide comprehensive support that exceeds that of even larger accounting firms. Our ‘blended services operating model’ enables smooth intra-team collaboration on projects. This ensures that our clients receive practical cross-disciplinary corporate services, to meet their changing needs.

More concretely, this capability can provide rapid access to performing legal contract reviews, gaining advice on HR law, revising employment policies to adapt to recent regulatory changes, or presenting options for corporate restructuring, profit repatriation, auditing, improved IT infrastructure, and more.

Temporary or outsourced CFOs and CHRO’s can take more practical and unbiased views of potential impact to your company and provide guidance to or complement your in-house teams. An external advisor or manager can be more objective when looking at which solutions to implement in different situations. It can sometimes be particularly difficult for local internal teams to remain unbiased when monetary, contract, and relationship factors conflict, or do not align, with the profit and compliance strategies that are optimal for your organization.

Our approach depends upon your requirements and which package best suits your organization. Below are some of our most popular packages:

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