Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a critical component of the decision making process when considering where and how an investment into Asia should be made. Our pan-Asia team can help your business with its strategic direction.

We provide research and investment advisory on multi-jurisdictional business matters, such as national regulations, infrastructure capabilities, operational costs, and consumer market studies.Our reports provide regional comparisons that enable our clients to make informed decisions c54oncerning the best locations for investment into Asia. 

  • Market or Industry Sizing
  • Cost of Doing Business
  • Regulatory and Licensing Issues
  • Partner Identification and Matchmaking
  • Sales Channel Identification and Partners
  • Labor Market Costings and Analysis
  • Consumer Segmentation and Preferences
  • Location and Infrastructure Analysis
  • Applicable Double Tax and Free Trade Agreements
  • Supply Chain Optimization Studies

Our services address the suitability of an investment by comparing local market entry capabilities and analyzing the differing legal and tax incentives in each market. This comparative approach will find the best investment option for your business, something that single-country firms cannot provide. 

  • Pre-Investment Advisory and Planning
  • Location and Investment Zones Comparison
  • Entry Strategy Development
  • Pricing Study and Analysis of Product Marketplace

As the global supply chain consolidates in Asia, there is an increasing need to accurately assess the cost of doing business in different global locations. Coupled with the emergence of a significant middle class consumer base in Asia, our comparison studies enable your business to make the right, long-term investment decision.

  • Cross Regional Cost Study
  • Local Regulatory Compliance
  • Identification of Suppliers, Service Vendors, Distributors, Customers
  • Supply Chain Analysis and Advisory
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