Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a critical component of the decision making process when considering where and how an investment into Asia should be made. Our pan-Asia team can help your business with its strategic direction.

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Asia’s relentless economic growth and diverse range of economies present amazing opportunities for foreign investment. Foreign companies exploring opportunities in the region can, however, become exposed to shifting costs, complex regulatory requirements, and conflicting information.

Dezan Shira & Associates’ Business Intelligence professionals have a deep understanding of market entry across Asia, as well as strong connections with local suppliers, distributors, and industrial zones. Dezan Shira’s Business Intelligence solutions provide investors with the tools to clarify their options and the means to capitalize on opportunities across Asia.

Market Research

Our Market research solutions quantify opportunities in specific industries, clarify regulatory requirements for individual business lines, and help companies to better understand their long-term costs in new markets.

  • Industry Trend and Sizing Analysis
  • Regulatory and Licensing Compliance
  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Consumer Segmentation and Preferences

Market Entry Strategy

Our Market Selection and Entry Strategy advisory helps companies to choose a market, method for incorporation, and supply chain structure that meets the needs of their local and regional operations.

  • Cross Country Competitiveness Benchmarking
  • Tariff and Supply Chain Engineering
  • Corporate Structuring Analysis
  • Comprehensive Entry Strategy Development

Business Matchmaking

Our Business Matchmaking service profiles, qualifies, and connects foreign companies to local suppliers, distributors, customers, and M&A targets.

  • Target Identification
  • Candidate Qualification
  • Meeting Setup
  • Translation Support

Location Analysis and Site Selection

Our Location Analysis and Site Selection service zeros in on optimal geographies for investment, profiles special economic zones, and supports companies during visits to individual sites.

  • Cross Regional Cost Comparison
  • Infrastructure Quality Analysis
  • Industrial Zone Identification and Benchmarking
  • Site Visit Support


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We provide professional services tailored to Asia´s business environment across the full business cycle.

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