Lightweight Client-ERP for Accounting Services Customers


Lightweight Client-ERP for Accounting Services Customers

Improve your business processes without heavy investment

For many small businesses, ERP systems are a costly, complex, and time-consuming investment that surpass the benefits of implementation for their Asia operations. However, for our accounting services clients, we offer a new ‘light weight’ ERP system, which provides the benefits of having integrated business processes to improve the way that they are able to operate in Asia, without the heavy investment.

Our Client-ERP system helps customers realize optimized financial processes, and avoid costly and complex setups. It provides them transparency and control over the accounting data and processing that we help them manage. By using our ERP platform, clients are able to view accounting and expense dashboards, share data and information across teams, and submit and approve expenses and purchases anywhere - anytime. For clients with inventory to manage, supply chain management functionality can also be added.

Dezan Shira & Associates’ Client-ERP is hosted on secure infrastructure, is maintained by our team of experts, and can be integrated with global ERP's and local 3rd party systems for Digital Expense Management, tax compliance, banking institutions, reporting providers and more.

Subscribe to our Accounting Services with a Client-ERP system today, and benefit from digitalized operations without the challenge of managing your own costly infrastructure in Asia.

Advantages of Our Client-ERP


Save Time and Money

Have our certified accountants, tax and audit teams support your Asia organization, while avoiding the cost of investing in your own ERP system or software. In doing so, you’ll spend only a fraction of what it might cost to implement your own team and software.


Accurate and Timely Data and Communications

Remove communication and knowledge sharing obstacles in your business by using an ERP system. By consolidating and integrating your company’s data and processes, you can streamline communication, improve transparency, achieve greater organizational speed, and make strong financial decisions.


Operate in Compliance

A Client-ERP can better meet local regulations and corporate compliance than most stand-alone software can. By building compliant processes into the ERP, you can save your employees time and frustration, avoid fines, and reduce your corporate risk.


Cloud Accessible from Any Device

Access your accounting, reporting, and payments recordsprocesses, anywhere anytime, from any device.


Customized Access & Approvals and Flows

Our Client-ERP system starts as a simple, well-planned solution, that can be customized to your teams and its approval workflows. This is key to maximizing your staff’s end-user experience and productivity.


Reporting & Analysis Dashboards

Managing data via a core system can yield valuable insights into the health of the company. We develop applications to visualize raw company data into report graphs, charts, and infographics, to empower our client’s business with current information to take critical decisions.

Learn how our Client-ERP can help you



  • General ledger, P&L, balance sheet
  • Budgets, group reporting
  • Accounting structure and consolidation of accounts
  • Additional dimensions

Trade & Inventory

  • Manage products, customers, vendors
  • Handle orders & shipments
  • Monitor milestones & inventory levels
  • Cost of goods sales methods (FIFO / Weighted Average etc.)


  • Handle payment & receipts
  • Online approvals
  • AR & AP management
  • Fixed assets management

Corporate Governance

  • Track official documents & chops
  • Track documents’ commencement & expiry dates

Our Client-ERP system can be used with minimal customization to get you quickly and easily setup, or it can be customized in a variety of ways to allow you to achieve additional benefits based on your specific business needs.

Having an in-house technical team allows us to plan and implement your required solution swiftly, with ongoing support that you can trust, and with capabilities that will grow as you scale.

Our ERP and Finance teams provide advisory on how to adapt your Client-ERP system to better meet the expectations of your corporate compliance, business, and 3rd party partners. This can include, how to customize business workflows, teams and organization, approvals, modules, and integrations, such as with your headquarter’s ERP, or with 3rd party tax and banking systems.

  • Nearly three decades of experience in Asia’s complex regulatory environments.
  • Turnkey ERP solution provider, from planning to implementation & integration, and onto support & continuous improvements.
  • Deep team experience on Microsoft Dynamics 365 , Microsoft AX, Navision and other ERP systems.
  • In-house experts for accounting, audit, internal controls, tax, HR and payroll compliance.
  • Strong OEM support, Microsoft certified, and a robust certified network for SAP, NetSuite and Odoo.
  • One-stop shop for ERP and ICT, providing related IS, Cloud, and IT solutions.
  • Multi-country coverage throughout the APAC and South Asia regions.

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