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Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

General Clinic seeking for 100% company shares

General Clinic looking for an investor with 100% company share
Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

European meat processing company seeking for shareholders in Vietnam

European Meat Processing Company seeking Shareholders in Vietnam
Asia - ASEAN: Cambodia Kingdom of

Real Estate developer seeking for Joint Venture and land sale in Cambodia

Real Estate Developer from Cambodia seeking for Joint Venture and various land sales for further development projects suitable for factories, tourism, agriculture, and housing sectors
Asia - North Asia & China: China

Rubber Spare Parts Supplier from China – Seeking Majority Investor for Expansion in East Asia

The company is looking for a strategic partnership to expands its global reach and increase its market share in East-Asia. Based in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, the company is equipped with 10 vulcanization machines and operates on a total area of 13,800 square meters, rented from the government until 2060. Current markets are China and other East-Asian countries with ten to twenty percent of production being allocated to OEM business. The company is open to sell its majority shares.
Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

Hospital Project At Ready-To_Build Phase - Seeking Majority Investor

The maximum shares transfer is 90% since the owner is looking for an investor but still wants to participate in the development of the project. He is offering his support to provide the facilities and the staff required to run the hospital. The licence to operate health care activities has already been attributed. The hospial is located in the center of Da Nang and the land lease certificate has been attributed for 25 years with renewable options.
Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

Wind Farm Project of 9.5 HA At Ready-To-Build Phase - Seeking Investment or Acquisition

This 9.5 ha wind farm project has reached its ready-to-build phase, by having all permis required as well as an agreement with EVN to purchase electricty. The land use right certificate is still to be attributed. The seller want to transfer 100% of its shares.
Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

Textile and Garment Factory - Seeking Investment for Expansion to US/EU Markets

The owners are looking for strategic investors in order to develop and grow business, to conduct further R&D and to enter the US and EU markets, by meeting high standards. The company is conducting manufacturing, dyeing and delivering activities and company's current export market is mainy anchored in Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. The revenues for 2019 reached 1.3 million $US.
Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

Solar Energy Project Near Ready-to-Build Phase in Gia Long Vietnam - Seeking Joint Investors

The owner is looking for participation concerning finance and construction of a 63.7 ha solar farm in South Vietnam. The project has reach its ready-to-build phase: an agreement with EVN has already been reached so as to purchase electricity, as well as to connect the farm to national power lines. A 50 year land certificate has too been obtained. The project would need 39.2 million $US.
Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

Established Automation Robotics and Electronics Company - Seeking JV Shareholders

The company is specilised in producing and providing automation equipment since 2016. It has a competitive advantage concerning price and quality, thanks to long-term engineering experts in robotics and electronics. Among its major buyers are Samsung and LG: it benefits from a strong sales network with Korean companies. Revenues have reach an amount of 9 million $US in June 2020. It is ready to sell up to 49% total shares to a strategic investor (preferably). Transfer price has not yet been disclosed.
Asia - ASEAN: Vietnam

Looking for investors to set up a joint venture partnership with a mega supermarket chain

The mega supermarket company has the project of building 11 new supermarkets across Vietnam so as to set up a large chain of shops and increase commercial activities of North and South regions. The cost of each supermarket project should fluctuate between 5 and 50 million $US and the return on investment is expected to reach 15 to 25%. Risks of each project, which are low, are shared between the investors and IMM.


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