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Asia - North Asia & China: China

Israeli dairy cow feed R&D firm seeks USD 5 M investment and JV partner for expansion in China

The Israeli R&D team developed a unique technology to double the amount of protein in dairy cow feed, which results in higher fat and protein content in the milk. The feed may also be designed to improve reproductive health and can contain additional nutrients and minerals that support overall cow health, including immune function, bone health, and digestive health. It is organic and grown indoors on vertically stacked shelfs, making it independent of climate impacts and save from insects, improving feed security. The facility can produce on 1 M of indoor space what traditionally requires 500 M of agricultural land and saves up to 95% on water. An investment of USD 5 million will support a 6,000 sqm indoor facility, producing 50 to 60 tons per day, which can feed 1,500 dairy cows. ROI break-even is expected in 3 years. The company is in the process of scaling in the US and seeks to bring the technology to China, which has a market size of 6.5 million dairy cows but is importing most of livestock feed, since high quality feed and agricultural land is scarce.
North America: United States

American clinical-stage life sciences company seeks investments

The American company develops rapid diagnostics for the detection of any upper respiratory tract viral infection including all COVID. The global point-of-care-testing (POCT) market size in 2020 is valued at USD 29.5 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.4% till 2025. Now the company seeks investments.
Australia: Australia

Australian promotional merchandise retailer seeks investments

The Australian company supplies and manufactures promotional products to extensive and industry-specific clients. It is a family-run business with 11-50 employees. Its current annual revenue is about USD 15 million. Now the company seeks investments.
Asia: India

Indian online education company seeks USD 10 million

The Indian company provides online live and recorded coaching for professional courses like CPA, CFA, ACCA and CMA. It has a faculty pool of 100+ with an approximately 80% passing rate. It builds a business-to-business (B2B) channel with 10+ private universities and 50+ corporate tie-ups as part of its network. In 2022-23, it is expected to reach an 85% gross margin. Now it seeks USD 10 million.
Asia: India

Indian wellness company seeks USD 1 million

The Indian company offers services for holistic well-being. Actress Kriti Sanon has joined the company as an investor partner. A community of 2500+ has trained with the company, including some of the top Bollywood celebrities like Kriti Sanon, Rashmika Mandhana, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Soha Ali Khan, Arjun Rampal. Now it seeks USD 1 million.
Asia: India

Indian online chess coaching company seeks USD 2 million

The Indian company offers personalized training to children aged 5 to 15. It has operations in 6 countries (India, Australia, Singapore, UK, USA and United Arab Emirates). One of its co-founders used to be a FIDE Instructor, Arbitrator and an International Rated Player. In 2021-22, the company achieved a revenue of about USD 1.5 million. Now it seeks USD 2 million.
Asia: India

Indian E-sports organization seeks USD 3 million

The Indian organization onboards, nurtures and partners with progressive talent. Its athletes operate from a state-of-the-art Bootcamp at Kharghar, equipped with best-in-class infrastructure. It has 5 active rosters among numerous esports. The organization projects revenue of USD 4 million in the following two years. Now it seeks USD 3 million.
Asia: India

Indian listed housing finance company seeks equity investment

The Indian company provides long-term housing loans, especially to economically weaker sections or low-income groups. It has 51-100 employees and presences in 6 major states in India. Its asset under management (AUM) is USD 13 million with 1200+ live accounts. Alongside an 86.35% capital to risky asset ratio (CRAR), the company's market cap is USD 20 million. From 2021 to 2022, the company's sales are USD 2.6 million with a net income of USD 220,000. Now it seeks equity investment.
Asia: India

Indian auto-electrical component supplier seeks a foreign JV partner

The Indian supplier provides end-to-end electro-mechanical and auto-electrical switch and sensor solutions to its clients, which are cost-effective. The company has registered offices in Mumbai and Palghar. It has 55 years track record, having over 55% market share in switches & sensors of the tractor original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market. There are 251-500 employees, and its current annual revenue is USD 4.5 million. Now the company seeks a foreign JV partner.
Asia: India

Indian Solar PV company seeks USD 20 million

The Indian company offers turnkey/solar parks, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), rooftop, energy storage, operations & maintenance (O&M) and value-added services. It has an aggregate 330 MW Solar PV capacity commission under open access, state and national policy. The company has 101-250 employees with a decade of enterprise in end-to-end project delivery. Its operations cross pan-India (7 Key solar states). From 2019-2020, the company's sales are around USD 41.49 million and its net income is USD 558,000. Now it seeks investments of USD 20 million.
North America: United States

Texas building product company seeks investments

The Texas company manufactures pre-engineered structures, structural components/cladding used in facade, roofing & other building envelope applications via its proprietary product lines. Its technologies enable significant cost efficiencies, flexible designs and faster delivery. The company's end market is evenly split between industrial and commercial applications. It has 51-100 employees with over 30 years of track record. Its markets span across above 40 countries in North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. In 2022, the company's sales are about USD 15 million and its earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) are about USD 4 million. Now the company seeks investments.
Europe: Italy

Italian Prosecco firm raising USD 1 M for market expansion to the US.

The Italian based firm produces the only 100% natural canned Italian Prosecco and Prosecco Cocktails on the market. The company was named Double Gold and Gold Awards winner for every product in the line-up, awards that recognize outstanding design and quality. With their colorful quality brand designed for the joyful Bohemian consumer, their products are available in the US in over 250 locations in two states through different distribution contracts and online in 48 states. The firm growth ambition is to expand geographically on both coasts in the US, targeting to have 30,000 stores with distribution over the next 3 years and reach USD 24.4 million revenue in 2026. Sparkling wine consumption grew 28% by volume in 2021, while prosecco has replaced champagne as the world’s favorite sparkling wine. The firm partners with innovative brand developers who served Red Bull and Coca Cola and seeks to raise USD 1 million via convertible notes in its current round.


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