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Empower your Intellectual Property Rights Strategies for Asia

Intellectual Property (IP) is likely the most valuable and important asset for a company. It generates revenue streams and secures your market share, as well as supports your business expansion abroad. However, investors must note that IP rights within a country are independent of such rights in other countries. Inadequate preparation for IP protection before entering a new market or doing business there may cause evitable commercial losses.

In recent years, Asia has been in focus for investors and is attracting large global FDI inflows. Given the huge market space and extremely fierce competition among international and local players in the region, it is critical to identify your core IP assets – be it trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc. – and get your rights registered in your target regions expeditiously to prevent loss of access or loss of revenue to recover it.

Dezan Shira and Associates is geared to assist international businesses enter and expand their operations in Asia. Our IP experts, with extensive consultancy experience and a deep understanding of a wide range of industries, can help localize your global IP strategy for Asian investment destinations, safeguard your intangible assets, and augment your success.

Advantages of Managing IP


Secure Your Market Entry

A well-positioned IP strategy outlines your business plan from the beginning and it shields from potential infringers.


Attract Investment

A clear IP portfolio plays a vital role in influencing the decision of external partners when deciding to invest in a firm.


Operational Freedom

Key IPR ownership or licensing can reduce the risk of businesses infringing the IPR of other market players.


Confidence in Your Supply Chain

Whether you are outsourcing partners or working with remote employees, securing your IPR will give you confidence when working with them.


Better Portfolio Control

Directly work with an authorized trademark agency providing China and Asia-wide strategic IP advisory as well as comprehensive trademark services.


One Stop, Full Package

Beyond IP - we also manage various aspects of your market entry and business operation concerns.

Learn How Our IP Services Can Help

  • IP Advisory
    • IP portfolio management and exploitation
    • Appealing trademark refusals
    • IP dispute management and strategy
    • IP enforcement
    • Copyright registration
    • Patents intelligence
    • IP protection for online business
    • Customs recordation of IP rights
    • Customized training and workshops
  • Trademark Services
    • Trademark strategy
    • Trademark registration
    • Trademark renewal
    • Trademark prosecution
    • Cancellation against registered trademark
    • Trademark invalidation
    • Trademark assignment
    • Trademark licensing management
  • Market Entry Intelligence
    • IP research
    • Competitive landscape research
    • Regulatory landscape research
    • Supply chain mapping
    • Country comparison and location selection

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a key aspect of business success today. According to WIPO, an estimated 11.5 million trademark applications were filed worldwide in 2019, and China’s IP office had the highest volume of filing activity with a class count of around 7.8 million. In this rapidly growing intellectual property market, it is essential for companies to utilize their IPR and secure foothold in the remaining “clear land” in the crowded marketplace. Particularly in Asia, where many countries are still developing their IP mechanisms, it is important to put the IP strategy at the center and stay ahead of possible challenges.

No matter which investment stage your business is in, it is crucial to get your ideas and their commercial value protected in the corresponding jurisdiction – especially before you enter a new market. Different jurisdictions not only require independent registration procedures for IPR, you also need to adjust the protection tools according to varies market conditions such as risk of infringement, cost for IPR enforcement against competitors, among others. A clear IP strategy builds strong fundamentals for a company’s growth and development, and prevents unnecessary revenue loss effectively.

With Dezan Shira & Associates (DSA), you are engaging directly with a multilingual, Asia-wide strategic IP advisory services firm. Authorized as trademark agency in China, and with comprehensive IP services for greater China, ASEAN and India, we provide cost-effective and tailored solutions to secure your valuable intangible assets. Backed up by an international array of business advisory experts, we handle your various issues and requirements that may arise in your expansion process – from market research to market entry planning and portfolio management. We offer you a one-stop solution anywhere that your single or multiple country Asian portfolio extends to.

Looking back to nearly three decades of practice experience with navigating the complex regulatory environments of Asia, we also built up a global network of leading industry partners which further supplement our coverage and expertise, enabling us to address your needs wherever you are.