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Dezan Shira’s Technology practice operates throughout Asia where we privileged to support many international clients including leaders in the Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Education, Manufacturing, NGO, and Consumer Goods sectors from around the world.

Our Cybersecurity and Compliance expertise includes extensive knowledge about Asia’s regulatory frameworks, and the experience to help you define and improve your Asia security posture. We offer compliance audits, penetration tests, computer security and impact assessments, as well as implementation and training. We also offer unique services, such as DPO (Digital Privacy Officer) as a service in some markets.

We help you to handle near any challenge related to compliance, security or protecting data, or our other technology services, and we deliver these in conjunction with your – or our – infrastructure, finance, legal, HR, and Audit teams.

Advantages of Our Cybersecurity Solutions

Our Cybersecurity Offering:

Perform a Threat Assessment and Identify Paths to a More Secure Operation in Asia.

Our cybersecurity audits are planned to comprehensively analyze and study your company’s IT infrastructure to identify threats and vulnerabilities, including vulnerable locations and risks to performance. We review and benchmark multiple areas of your organization to identify operational practices and systems configurations that create potential sensitive information risks or issues. Our CSA service highlights corresponding suggestions to resolve and improve your Asia environment based on industry standards such as ISO27001, and on international best practices.

Reduce Your Areas of Risks by Implementing a Zero Trust Security Model.

Cybersecurity Consolidation helps: Validate identities and device compliance every time an access request occurs; Safeguard access to resources with a complete identity solution that securely connects all your users, apps, and devices; Protect identities and manage access; Stop threats with integrated, automated protection; Secure your apps and resources across clouds; Protect and govern sensitive data; Identify and remediate risks; Simplify compliance management.

Empower Your Staff in Asia to Keep Your Business Secure.

No matter how well-documented your policies and processes or how your technology is configured, human risk is still a significant factor to consider. People are the weakest link in cybersecurity and human vulnerabilities isare one of the leading attack vectors. A single click by an employee on a phishing link may not only cause a malware infection on a workstation but may also lead to a corporate wide data breach.

Security Awareness Training is a formal process for educating employees about computer security and will educate employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology (IT). Employees should receive information about who to contact if they discover a security threat and be taught that data ias a valuable corporate asset.

Perform a Health Check and Identify How Well Your Operations Meet Asia's Updated Data Compliance Requirements.

Review existing IT infrastructure, IT practice, and business operations to identify the potential compliance gaps with China's IT-related laws and regulations, such as CSL, DSL and PIPL. Evaluate the potential risks with recommendations for improvement to make the business compliant with both security and privacy requirements from authorities.

Assess Your Data Privacy Exposure and Identify Solutions for Points of Risk.

Asia's data privacy compliance regulations are changing rapidly, with several new frameworks that have come into effect in 2021 and with more scheduled for 2022, - making compliance a new "norm" in Asia business and operations planning. Our service offers privacy and data protection risk assessments for products, services, and business functions, to help you maintain compliance with GDPR or PIPL, DPIA and similar frameworks. Conducting a PIA helps assess your organization’s current and planned operations impact on privacy, and sets you on the road to identifying a compliant strategy for information management in Asia.

Build and Implement Your Compliance Framework.

Collaborate with existing teams at your organization and work out the best roadmap for privacy compliance, implement both technical and organizational controls to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Building a complete privacy management system and process, designing the privacy interface, and regulating privacy documents.

Realize Data Privacy Compliance in Asia at Any Scale.

With our virtual DPO (Data Protection Officer) service, a complete solution to your DPO reasonability under PIPL or GDPR can be provided to build a privacy strategy, implement privacy protection measures, manage, and supervise privacy activities with specialists that combine our expertise in data privacy, cybersecurity, and legal fields. By using a 3rd party dedicated, independent DPO, you remove inherent conflicts of interest with other business services to keep your business safer.

Help Your Workforce Apply Privacy Awareness Best Practices and Keep Your Organization from Breaching Compliance.

Information Privacy is not solely the domain of the IT team, or the data protection officer (DPO). Maintaining data privacy requires the involvement of everyone inside the organization to protect your customer, your staff, and other's valuable personal information. Equip your employees with the right knowledge and skills to make data protection a default behavior.

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