Asia’s healthcare industry is filling a gap in worldwide market demand for high innovation healthcare facilities. Fast-paced growth in the healthcare infrastructure have, however, attract tightened government regulations.

Super specialty hospital chains, multinational investments across the region, R&D innovation, high-quality universities and training, and a competitive and mobile labor force create ideal conditions for continued growth within the healthcare industry in Asia.

High disposable incomes and a large aging population in Asia boosts the need for local innovation as well as implementing global expertise in the healthcare industry, thus creating immense opportunities in a wide spectrum of healthcare services, including R&D and service providers.

Unsurprisingly, Asia’s healthcare industry contributes to almost a third of global healthcare revenue.

Increasing private sector investments, high consumer demand, and a fast-growing medical tourism sector in India, China, and Southeast Asian countries have led to governments adopting a policy mix of incentives and tightening regulation.

Despite lucrative opportunities, foreign investors still need to manage various challenges within the healthcare industry.

How we can help reduce risk and improve operations in the healthcare industry:

Companies in the sector should be aware of regulatory issues, pricing models, and investment restrictions, which could potentially impact business strategy, scope of expansion, service offerings, export-import, and R&D capabilities.

It is important for investors to understand how best to enter this industry in Asia, comply with investment regulations, leverage incentives and thus create a sustainable business model.

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The healthcare industry in Asia is developing rapidly and government policies are also changing frequently to keep up with market dynamics.

Companies need to comply with strict regulatory requirements in most Asian countries and re-strategize frequently to accommodate for industry changes.

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Dezan Shira & Associates can help foreign investors successfully enter the healthcare market in Asia. The firm’s service capabilities range from studying the market, conducting due diligence, managing investments, and structuring the business model to supervising statutory compliances and maintaining best practices once operational.

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