Recruitment and Executive Search Services

 Recruitment and Executive Search Services

Grow your Asia business with the right talent

Asian labor markets are often very large, and yet finding the right candidates to meet your targets and contribute to your company’s growth and success is often very challenging. Without the right skills, approach and recruitment partner for Asia, many companies find themselves spending significant time and resources without landing the talent and team that they are seeking.

With on-the-ground HR and talent experts and more than 30 offices across Asia, we can help across the entire recruitment cycle, from talent research and planning, to position advertisement and candidate research, selection and onboarding. We are always on the lookout for the perfect talent to fit your team and match your requirements.

Our teams handle different types of placement projects, including single Recruitment placements, Executive Search, or larger Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) projects, whether in a single or multiple regions and languages. If needed, we also provide complete Global Mobility and HR services, so that all your HR needs can be taken care of in one place.

Dezan Shira & Associates can assist with your entire international recruitment process as your one stop HR provider in Asia.

Advantages of Our Recruiting Services


Customized Staffing Solutions

Before starting the recruitment process, we take the time to learn about our clients’ company, industry, history, vision and culture so that we can find the best match for their needs.


Multi Location Expertise Across Asia

With 30+ offices across Asia, our teams can help you navigate the differences across markets in legislation, language, culture, and development to ensure a smooth, fast, and efficient recruitment process.


One Stop, Full Package

Beyond recruitment, we also provide payroll, taxation, legal, accounting, and HR management support to fulfil all your business needs.

How We Can Help

Recruitment Activities Support

Our team will customize the candidate search process to source mid-level management professionals that suit your qualification requirements and your company’s organizational culture. We refine your job descriptions, distribute it to our networks and talent pool, screen applications, select candidates, and arrange candidate interviews for you. If you are looking to test a new market and recruit talent before your business entity is established, our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services can assist with that.

Executive Search

We support your company from start to finish in your recruitment process and help find ideal candidates best suited to join your senior management team. The selected candidates are closely matched to your qualification criteria with proven credentials vetted by our HR team.

Apart from conducting an in-depth candidate search, we also are responsible for the candidate selection process. We conduct professional interviews and assessments, as well as a comprehensive background check before delivering an offer to your selected candidate.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

For those looking to fill a large number of junior level, fresh graduate, and blue-collar positions, we can assist you through the entire recruitment process and conduct large-scale recruitment drives to quickly staff your team.

Salary Benchmarking

Our team can assist with reseach on salary ranges for positions in your targed recruiting areas. This information will allow your team to better manage budgets and costs, while ensuring that competitive offers are being offered to your ideal candidates.

One Stop for All of Your HR Solutions

We provide follow up payroll, taxation, and HR management support. Services include contract negotiation, tax planning, new joiner orientation, and recruitment analysis reports, making Dezan Shira your one stop staffing solution in Asia.

Significant time and resources are often required to effectively execute a successful recruitment process, particularly in Asia. Common challenges can include difficulty accessing the right skills and talent pools in each market, language barriers, gaps in understanding about the local market that you are recruiting in, and numerous placement types. Such challenges can make the talent acquisition process very difficult.

In addition to eye-catching job advertisements on the right platforms, conducting candidate research, and ensuring competitive offers are made to attract the right applicants for your team, other areas must be considered as well. This includes labor market research, talent planning, candidate background checks, etc. Additionally, your organization may need assistance managing the various aspects of HR onboarding, administration, payroll, compliance and more.

Finding an HR agency that can meet all of your recruitment and HR management needs across multiple Asia markets is key to running a successful talent acquisition process.

Dezan Shira and Associates has a highly experienced and qualified recruitment team offering multilingual support across Asia. With access to large talent pools in various countries, we can help you develop and establish a strong talent base for your organization, allowing you to outclass competitors across Asia.

Our 30 offices across Asia allow us to recruit internationally, as well as be able to synchronize your company’s talent services, payroll, and other HR inquiries. We offer flexible customized packages, allowing you to choose how much, or how little of your HR work you would like to do.

Dezan Shira & Associates can assist with your entire international recruitment process, plus talent planning, HR administration, payroll and Global Mobility if required. We are your one stop HR provider – and partner for growth in Asia.

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