Digital Expense Management


Digital Expense Management

Optimize expense processing, anywhere-anytime.

Managing employees’ expenses digitally in China is a powerful way to optimize and speed up business administration, simplify remote submissions and approvals, and minimize expense and approval errors. It is a fundamental element for improving your internal control management.

Dezan Shira & Associates helps clients to manage their employee reimbursement and vendor payment procedures, using software that facilitates the digitization, application, and approval of expenses via a mobile and desktop APP. Our solutions make staff reimbursement applications highly efficient, streamlining the monthly accounting processes, and provide greater transparency as well as real-time detailed expenses reporting.

We offer our digital expense management solutions as a value-added component to our accounting services customers, or to other customers as a stand-alone service solution that can be integrated within their current accounting processes and technology environments.

Advantages of Digital Expense Management


Smooth Claims Process

Execute a more streamlined claims process, from mobile APP to easy approval and processing.


Auto-Verification of Receipts

Automatic, near real-time verification of fapiao invoices for authenticity and non-duplication.


Compliance and Control

Realize claims that are allocated to your COA categories before and throughout the claim procedure - with proper approval controls to match your policies.


Online Reports

Historical expense reports with cross-period reporting, drill down detail, as well as graphical analysis and trend insights.


Accurate Data

Data scans are 99.5% accurate, with a far lower risk of manual entry error. Data is fully exportable and can optionally be integrated with ERP AP and T&E modules.



Workload decreases and efficiency is further optimized as the volume of users and transactions grows, with the same or increased levels of internal control measures.

Digital Expense Management Solutions

The integrated data services verifies the validity of ‘fapiaos’ (invoices) and adds expense details provided by some of the most frequently used platforms in China for travel, office equipment, and online banking.

Normal/Classic Expense Management: Digital Expense Management
Claims Process

Slow and time-consuming manual processing:

  • Input of receipts and expense data - slow and prone to error.
  • Creating expense reports; and,
  • Submitting and discussing details.

Quickly executed steps within a streamlined process:

  • Scan expenses via mobile APP (99% fapiao recognition), to save time and increase expense input accuracy.
  • Mobile App collects expenses for report submittals to be routed automatically for easy approval and processing.
Receipt Validation
  • Verifying genuine receipts is time consuming.
  • Amending non-compliant receipts and re-submitting reports requires further effort.
  • Scanned expenses via mobile APP are automatically validated with the tax bureau system at time of submission.
  • Can automatically identify previously submitted fapiaos.
Internal Control
  • Depends on manual verifications with many steps: receipt validity; expense allocation to category; matching the receipt to the claim.
  • Often hindered by knowledge gaps between departments about expenses, or because of limited Chinese language ability of employees approving or reviewing the applications.
  • Expenses allocated to match your COA categories (flexible to configure).
  • Bilingual CHN-ENG APP allows expense creation, submission, and approval steps to be performed in either language depending on the user profile.
  • Historical cost analyses are challenging to compile manually
  • Analysis of spend trends and details is difficult
  • Graphical representations, if available, must be built manually.
  • Historical expense reports available within the APP.
  • Cross-period reporting and drill down detail.
  • Graphical analysis to provide quicker trend insights.
Data Capture
  • Expense transactions entered manually into ERP system.
  • Limited amount of data enters system due to time constraints.
  • Risk of human error is higher.
  • Fapiaos scanned by mobile camera.
  • Data synced with AP and T&E modules in ERP
  • Subsequent GL transactions populated from these modules.
  • Far lower risk of manual entry error.

As you grow to larger operational scales,

  • Processing workload increases in step with scale.
  • Management of Internal controls compounds in importance and difficulty without the right digital systems.

As you grow to larger operational scales,

  • Workloads decrease and compounding is efficiency optimization.
  • Internal control management is improved, while processes can be adapted to include more stringent measures.

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