Due Diligence

Minimizing risks to realize opportunities is a unique challenge in Asia. Our team integrates local legal and financial expertise to help our clients de-risk their investments.

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Our team of professionals provides legal, financial, and HR due diligence for clients so that they can limit risks by assessing the credibility of a supplier, purchaser, or business partner. We are also able to assess the value and risks of a company, and conduct internal and external reviews as part of a greater due diligence process. 

  • Site Visit
  • Corporate Health Check
  • HR Health Check
  • Credit Check and References
  • Contract Review
  • Verification of Corporate Documentation
  • Financial and Tax Review
  • Financial Process Review
  • Internal Control Review
  • Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Investigation
  • IP Protection Review
  • Compliance Check
  • Supplier Cost and Sales Price Reviews
  • Divestment Advisory
  • IT Audit


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We provide professional services tailored to Asia´s business environment across the full business cycle.

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