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Asia - ASEAN: United States

US-based PE firm looking to make acquisitions in SE Asia in distribution, manufacturing, or logistics

The US-based private-equity firm with extensive experience in investing in, owning, and managing of supply chain businesses is seeking opportunities to expand in Southeast Asia to capitalize on growth sectors. Acquisition targets should be in distribution, manufacturing, or logistics sectors and currently have export activity to the ASEAN countries and China. Desired attributes include an enterprise value between USD 10-25M, positive EBITDA and normalized for COVID, export capabilities, and access to class A/B warehouse.
Asia: China

A Chinese listed company seeking environmental protection investment

a) solid waste (hazardous waste) comprehensive disposal, resource recycling i.e. waste incineration and power generation, landfills, metal recycling, solar photovoltaic panels recycling, etc.; b) industrial water treatment and water treatment in industrial parks, coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, iron and steel, pharmaceutical industry, etc., requiring advanced technology; c) harmless and resourceful treatment if agricultural biological waste.
Asia: China

A Chinese listed company seeking auto parts investment

The Chinese company seeks investment in the automotive new energy industry chain upstream and downstream and the field of autonomous driving, specially requiring: a) sensors, small electrical (actuators), etc.; b) in the field of segmentation with leading competitive advantage; c) the product has mass production capacity, has entered the supporting part of the new energy models, can enter the mainstream machine factory, and has a good supplier.
Asia: China

Listed Chinese company seeking medical treatment investment

The Chinese company seeks a mature medical treatment team with independent operational capability and good performance in the following subjects: a) medical devices in the field of equipment with high-value consumables and low-value consumables-related bids; b) rehabilitation equipment and rehabilitation hospitals; c) proprietary Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine drinks; d) medical devices in the commercial field of bids; e) POCT field, POCT reagents, the upstream raw materials antigen antibody, small self-test medical testing instruments, in vitro diagnostic instrument, POCT packaging supplies and other subjects.
Asia - North Asia & China: China

Listed Chinese company seeking photovoltaic and energy storage investment

a) TOPcon battery, requires a certain scale; b) heterogeneous structure battery, requires R&D capabilities and large factory background; c) chalcogenide, requires team, R&D capabilities and clear R&D path; d) wafer and module accessories i.e. inverter, tracking bracket, etc., requires a certain scale; e) energy storage, requires a certain scale, preferably with its own PCS, EMS, BMS products.
Asia: India

Indian machine manufacturer seeks to acquire an overseas B2C company

The Indian manufacturer has more than a decade of experience in engineering agricultural & domestic pump sets. It has a 100,000-square-meter infrastructure with state-of-the-art pieces of machinery. The company has 51-100 employees and exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. Now it seeks a 100% acquisition or majority stake in an overseas business-to-consumer (B2C) company in diverse sectors.
Asia: Korea

Korea electronics firm seeks investment in private targets to take them to IPO

The Korean electronic communication company’s core products are high-tech antennas for mobile phones. The company is a primary supplier for Samsung group and is one of several important suppliers of antenna products. The existing factories have about 900 employees in Incheon and Hanoi. At present, the company has 300 patents on LDS, FPCB, NFC, MST (paid by Samsung), and WPC (wireless charging) antennas. The company now wants to invest in majority shareholdings of delisted companies to take them to IPO.
Asia: China,Germany,India,United States

Indian Automotive Investor Seeking Multiple Global Targets for USD 100 Million in Total

Acquiring in all Countries, High-Pressure Die Casting & Plastic Parts, USD 100 Million in Total, Up to 13 Targets


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