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Asia: China,Germany,India,United States

Indian Automotive Investor Seeking Multiple Global Targets for USD 100 Million in Total

Acquiring in all Countries, High-Pressure Die Casting & Plastic Parts, USD 100 Million in Total, Up to 13 Targets
Asia - North Asia & China: China

China business consulting firm is seeking sellers

The firm is looking for small-medium sizes companies in medical devices industry regulatory and compliance in china to acquisite at a consideration of 1-10 million RMB.
Australia: Australia

One Chinese dairy firm is seeking sellers in Australia

One Chinese firm in dairy, food and farm industry is seeking sellers in Australia at a consideration of Australia dollar 5 million.
Europe: United Kingdom

Project Ripple - seeking acquisition opportunities in the payroll services sector in the UK or abroad

Our client is seeking to make an acquisition in the payroll sector as part of a long-term strategy to create a broader, more comprehensive cloud-based expense management platform that provides payment solutions. Payroll is especially attractive due its recurring nature and the cross-selling potential into our client’s existing expense management, risk management and payment processing products/solutions.
Asia - ASEAN: Indonesia

Investment Opportunities within Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, and South East Asia Jurisdictions - Seeking Investment by Indonesia firm

Our firm has a connection with a Corporate Finance and Management & Strategy Consulting boutique company focuses in raising capital for businesses in Asia. The following are their selected successful projects (a)Restructure NPL of integrated casino resort in Philippines; (b)Bank Loan Restructuring of onshore oil rigs in India; (c)Restructuring & Mezzanine Loan of oil rigs in Indonesia; (d)Minority Equity of water utility in Vietnam; (e)Acquisition Finance of geothermal utility in Philippines; (f)Sale of 5-star hotel and resorts chain in Indonesia; and many other projects


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