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Asia: India

Indian machine manufacturer seeks to acquire an overseas B2C company

The Indian manufacturer has more than a decade of experience in engineering agricultural & domestic pump sets. It has a 100,000-square-meter infrastructure with state-of-the-art pieces of machinery. The company has 51-100 employees and exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. Now it seeks a 100% acquisition or majority stake in an overseas business-to-consumer (B2C) company in diverse sectors.
Asia: Korea

Korea electronics firm seeks investment in private targets to take them to IPO

The Korean electronic communication company’s core products are high-tech antennas for mobile phones. The company is a primary supplier for Samsung group and is one of several important suppliers of antenna products. The existing factories have about 900 employees in Incheon and Hanoi. At present, the company has 300 patents on LDS, FPCB, NFC, MST (paid by Samsung), and WPC (wireless charging) antennas. The company now wants to invest in majority shareholdings of delisted companies to take them to IPO.
Asia: China,Germany,India,United States

Indian Automotive Investor Seeking Multiple Global Targets for USD 100 Million in Total

Acquiring in all Countries, High-Pressure Die Casting & Plastic Parts, USD 100 Million in Total, Up to 13 Targets
Asia - North Asia & China: China

China business consulting firm is seeking sellers

The firm is looking for small-medium sizes companies in medical devices industry regulatory and compliance in china to acquisite at a consideration of 1-10 million RMB.
Australia: Australia

One Chinese dairy firm is seeking sellers in Australia

One Chinese firm in dairy, food and farm industry is seeking sellers in Australia at a consideration of Australia dollar 5 million.
Europe: United Kingdom

Project Ripple - seeking acquisition opportunities in the payroll services sector in the UK or abroad

Our client is seeking to make an acquisition in the payroll sector as part of a long-term strategy to create a broader, more comprehensive cloud-based expense management platform that provides payment solutions. Payroll is especially attractive due its recurring nature and the cross-selling potential into our client’s existing expense management, risk management and payment processing products/solutions.
Asia - ASEAN: Indonesia

Investment Opportunities within Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, and South East Asia Jurisdictions - Seeking Investment by Indonesia firm

Our firm has a connection with a Corporate Finance and Management & Strategy Consulting boutique company focuses in raising capital for businesses in Asia. The following are their selected successful projects (a)Restructure NPL of integrated casino resort in Philippines; (b)Bank Loan Restructuring of onshore oil rigs in India; (c)Restructuring & Mezzanine Loan of oil rigs in Indonesia; (d)Minority Equity of water utility in Vietnam; (e)Acquisition Finance of geothermal utility in Philippines; (f)Sale of 5-star hotel and resorts chain in Indonesia; and many other projects


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