The Legacy of Our Brands

The Legacy of Our Brands

Our Brands and Logos

Explore our specialized brands, meticulously curated by our company to offer expertise for foreign investors in Asia's dynamic economies and within critical sectors such as legal, tax advisory, human resources, Mergers and Acquisitions, economic insights as well as technology solutions.

We showcase the pinnacle of our expertise - our main brands. With each sub-brand, we take pride in offering specialized solutions and knowledge that empowers your journey towards strategic growth and operational excellence across the diverse landscapes of Asia's business environment.

Dezan Shira & Associates

Dezan Shira & Associates, established in 1992 in Hong Kong, is a leading pan-Asian professional services firm with over three decades of expertise. Specializing in navigating Asia's complex regulatory landscape, we offer holistic solutions encompassing legal, tax, accounting, HR, and technology advisory services. Operating from 35 offices across pivotal Asian locations and 14 alliance offices worldwide, we serve as a reliable partner for businesses seeking to establish and expand their presence in the region.See more


Asiapedia is a comprehensive database of reports, videos, and investor resources curated by over 300 experts from Dezan Shira & Associates and Asia Briefing. This collaborative knowledge sharing platform exemplifies our dedication to fostering business and trade in Asia, a commitment we enthusiastically extend to clients, partners, academia, and business communities around the world.See more


asiaadmin® is a cloud-based HR and payroll portal designed to streamline core HR and payroll administration for companies across Asia, including China. Offering a unified system, it covers onboarding, payroll, leave management, attendance tracking, reimbursement, and employee self-service. With secure and user-friendly interfaces, asiaadmin® supports clients with one or multiple locations, ensuring regulatory compliance in each country.See more


asiamerger™ is a complimentary portal linking buyers and sellers to numerous mid-sized projects across Asia and globally. The platform is open and free for business investors, enabling them to list or discover target projects and initiate queries for further information and contact with matching parties. Backed by our M&A team specializing in personalized matchmaking, asiamerger™ facilitates seamless connections for business ventures.See more

Emerging Asia manufacturing Index

The Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index (EAMI) is a model for ranking manufacturing destinations to help international manufacturers address Asia regional knowledge gaps as they seek to better understand these rapidly changing investment and operating environments. EAMI is researched and produced by the Business Intelligence practice of Dezan Shira & Associates’ which specializes in regional benchmarking and location analysis for manufacturers, trade organizations, and other key sectors operating throughout Asia.See more

Asia Briefing

Asia Briefing, founded in 1999, offers comprehensive insights on business and investment across Asia. Covering China, Vietnam, ASEAN, India and the Middle East, we delve into regulatory and economic updates, legal insights, HR and Payroll, tax, as well as market integration dynamics. Our platform serves as a vital resource for foreign investors navigating this dynamic landscape. Backed by Dezan Shira & Associates, our award-winning content is crafted by industry experts and in-house researchers - providing invaluable intelligence for thriving in Asia's burgeoning markets.See more

China Briefing

China Briefing delivers vital business insights through daily articles and six annual publications tailored for foreign investors in China. Since 1999, we have provided practical guidance on legal, tax, and operational matters in mainland China and Hong Kong. Covering investment destinations, tax and HR policies, trade relations, as well as economic updates, the platform offers up-to-date information to business executives and investors. With its trusted track record, China Briefing is a go-to resource for those navigating the complexities of doing business in China.See more

India Briefing

India Briefing is a premier resource for comprehensive insights into conducting business within India's dynamic landscape. Established in 2007, it offers invaluable business news tailored to foreign investors, covering critical topics such as taxation, legal frameworks, and accounting practices relevant to foreign direct investment in India. Authored by our professionals on the ground in India, the platform delivers detailed analyses of national and state-level foreign investment topics - including HR, regulatory changes, market demographics, and consumer access via regularly produced articles and magazines.See more

Vietnam Briefing

Vietnam Briefing is the go-to resource for navigating Vietnam's business landscape since 2008. Authored by our local experts and in-house researchers, it delivers crucial insights on economy and tax updates, legal matters, as well as HR and accounting for foreign investors. We cover operational costs, productivity comparisons with markets like China, relocation, investment policies, and manufacturing options in Vietnam through daily articles and five annual publications. Trusted by executives and investors, Vietnam Briefing provides essential intelligence for successful ventures in Vietnam.See more

ASEAN Briefing

ASEAN Briefing offers up-to-date business news, regulatory insights, and comprehensive data on free trade agreements, double tax agreements, and foreign direct investment laws across ASEAN's diverse member states. Through our articles and ASEAN Briefing Magazines, we provide in-depth analyses of individual ASEAN countries, covering trade demographics, manufacturing productivity, legal and tax environments, and investment treaties. Our platform offers foreign investors a comprehensive overview for informed decision-making.See more

Middle East Briefing

Middle East Briefing provides vital information on foreign investment and trade in the Middle East, including market intelligence and legal advisory. Additionally, we highlight the growing trade relations between the Middle East and South Asia, pinpointing opportunities for Middle Eastern companies in Asia. Launched in 2023, Middle East Briefing serves a global audience interested in the Middle East and facilitates Middle Eastern investment in Asia. See more