Your HR and Payroll Solution for Asia

Your HR and Payroll Solution for Asia

Complete HR and Payroll for Asia Powered by the Cloud and Our Experts

For SME’s, manual processes can be expensive, restricting, and error prone. Yet it can be costly to invest in a global HR and Payroll software which is actually locally compliant in the Asian countries they operate in.

Our asiaadmin® HR and Payroll app is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software solution that helps companies streamline their workforce management across Asia.

It helps your teams work more effectively and efficiently by providing a single system for them to use, streamlined processes for all your HR and Payroll requests, along with support for multiple Asia locations - all the while keeping you compliant with local regulations in each region.

asiaadmin® contains a robust suite of capabilities for key HR management, payroll administration, leave and OT management, attendance, as well as employee self-service functions.

Depending on your needs, asiaadmin® is highly suitable for both small business with few customizations via our quick-start packages, as well as larger operations that may require extensive customizations. It is highly flexible, easily deployable, and is the ideal solution for your business in Asia.

Advantages of asiaadmin®


Streamline Your Process

asiaadmin® can systematically streamline the routine processes of collecting, entering, updating, and analyzing data, which can fundamentally improve the efficiency of the organization.


Enhance Accuracy

asiaadmin® can reduce the risk of incompliance caused by inaccurate input so you can pay your people with confidence.


Stay Locally Compliant

asiaadmin® is updated as changes occur at local compliance levels and our experts ensure consistent and accurate results across the countries you operate in.


Allow Real-Time Data Analysis

Analytical reports can be generated from different business angles that produce valuable insights on company performance to help optimizing your productivity.


Secure Your Data

asiaadmin® can allow HR data to be stored more securely and transmitted in a more confidential and compliant manner.


Connect Your Business Across Asia

Enjoy a simple point of contact in one or several countries - our local experts will help with and support your management of a full range of HR and Payroll day-to-day and lifecycle services.

asiaadmin® Key Functions:

HR Management

Track the complete lifecycle of each employee within your organization from point of hire to point of exit.

  • Personnel information
  • Organization structure
  • Organization charts
  • Position control
  • Form and reports designer
  • Security and internal controls


Enables efficient, locally compliant, and customizable payroll across Asia.

  • Regional payroll calculation
  • Cost center allocation
  • Retroactive payroll
  • Multi-currency
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Regional consolidation


Manage requests and approvals and view detailed leave records and balances for all employees.

  • Leave management
  • Overtime management
  • Leave balance
  • Application and approval
  • Leave report


Ensure your workforce requirements are met and managed effectively.

  • Flexible shifts
  • Integrated to leave
  • Overtime calculation
  • Attendance analysis
  • Individual calendars


Process expenses with ease and accuracy.

  • Claims submission and approval
  • Expenses category limits
  • Project and account allocation
  • Integrated to payroll

Mobile App

Connect to and manage HR and payroll functions on your mobile phone from anywhere, anytime.

  • Self-service
  • Shift information
  • Mobile check-in and out
  • Leave application and approval
  • Pay slips

BI Dashboard

Real-time visibility of data that is essential for making strategic decisions.

  • To-do list
  • Demographics (or statistics)
  • Employment cost analysis
  • Calendar
  • Multi-dimensional report

How can a Cloud HR and payroll app help you?


HR departments must manage a range of tasks, including handling employee data, answering queries, preparing reports, processing payroll with short turnaround times and often all at the same time. Without a centralized platform to facilitate these day-to-day operations, HR administration can be slow tedious work where it may be difficult to ensure error-free compliance.

With a HR and payroll app such as asiaadmin®, companies can digitalize the HR and payroll process, cutting out a majority of the time-consuming manual work required. By using asiaadmin®, our clients experience a professional HR and Payroll service that is more efficient and more flexible. They gain access to an app that is always updated with local compliance changes, puts HR and payroll information transparently at their fingertips in real time, and enables increased efficiency. Their people meanwhile gain easier access to simpler processes, leading to an improved employee experience.

We have been operating in the Asian market for almost three decades and are experts at managing its complex regulatory environment. Our 300+ professionals include experts in HR, payroll, law, accounting, tax, and IT that combines into an unrivalled advantage for providing clients with superior HR and Payroll services.

Our team of experienced HR professionals have a proven track record working with clients from all over the world. asiaadmin® works in tandem with our team to further augment and complement the services we provide.

To further support companies with their business plans we have a wide range of services to cover your operational needs. We act as a “one stop shop” covering not only HR and Payroll, but also supporting and adjacent services such as accounting, tax, business intelligence, business advisory, and audit and financial review.

Operational throughout China, ASEAN, and India, we can cover your Asian expansion needs for multiple countries. We have built a global network of leading industry players as our partners to ensure we can solve your problem efficiently, no matter where you are.

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