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Asia: Singapore

Singaporean preschool education company seeks investment.

The Singaporean company is devoted to preschool education. It operates 41 preschool education institutions in Singapore, most of which have obtained the quality certification of the Association for Early Childhood Educators (Singapore). The number of preschool education institutions of the company ranks third in Singapore. At present, the company has 3,000 students and 550 teaching staff. By 2019, the compound annual growth rate ("CAGR") of the company's five-year revenue was 18.7%. The company now seeks investment.
Asia: Singapore

Singaporean property management company seeks 60% controlling interest transfer or 100% acquisition.

The Singaporean company works to develop and operate foreign worker dormitories, condominiums and health centers. The company's management team has more than 20 years of management experience. It operates seven foreign labor dormitories in Singapore, which can accommodate about 30,000 people. It also has a 200-room condominium and a health center in Singapore. The company's foreign labor dormitory business spans Singapore and Malaysia. In 2020, the company's total revenue was USD 44.55 million (SGD 61.2 million) with an EBITDA of USD 11.21 million (SGD 15.4 million). Its total order is projected to reach USD 170 million (SGD 234 million) in the next eight years. The company seeks 60% controlling interest transfer or 100% acquisition at the cost of USD 96.64 million (SGD 130 million).
Asia: Japan

Japanese video processing company seeks USD 15 million financing and 9%-11% equity release.

The Japanese company produces compressed ultra clear video chips. Now it is in the stage of developing from Field Programmable Gate Array ("FPGA") to mobile phone chips. The company's technology can make up for the resolution loss of optical lens and improve the transmission efficiency of digital broadband capacity by more than 200%. Currently, the company has maintained cooperation with Intel, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan Post, among others. The company seeks USD 15 million financing and 9%-11% equity release.
Asia: Malaysia

Malaysian mobile EMV payment system start-up seeks M&A.

The Malaysian company provides MPOS solutions, including Europay, MasterCard and EMV Level 1 and 2, which can use smart card readers. The mobile device and the EMV application server connected to the bank host accept credit card payments. Currently, the company has 260K terminal devices. Its transaction amount has reached USD 2 billion. It has expanded to 10 overseas markets and cooperated with 20 financial institutions. The company accounts for 50% of the MPOS markets in Thailand and Malaysia respectively. The cumulative research and development ("R&D") investment is USD 4 million. At present, the company's investors include transcosmos, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and other companies. The company seeks mergers and acquisitions.
Asia: South Korea

Korean semiconductor company seeks investment

The Korean company manufactures special semiconductor components and materials through an innovative process platform. So far the company has developed electrostatic discharge ("ESD") products, si-power products and sensor products. These products are fast, efficient and miniaturized. The company now seeks investment.
Asia: Japan

Japanese health products company seeks to sell 90% equity

The Japanese company is mainly engaged in the original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") production of health food, medicines, quasi medicines, cosmetics and other products, among which health food accounts for 75%. The company has 700 employees. In 2019, the company's revenue is USD 165.36 million (JPY 21.2 billion), earnings before interest ("EBITDA") is USD 2.5 million (JPY 320 million), and net profit is USD 8.58 million (JPY 110 million). The company seeks to sell 90% equity.
Asia: Singapore

Singaporean trading company seeks 60% controlling interest transfer

The Singaporean company's main products include polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. It is a listed company which has 109 employees. The company's price earnings ratio (P/E) is 23.61. Its net asset value is USD 46.8 million (SGD 64.64 million). The company seeks to transfer 60% controlling interest.
Asia: Japan

Japanese transformer and electromagnetic coil company seeks USD 3.1 million capital increase and USD 780k shares transfer

One product of the company is water cooled transformers. The company also has developed patented electromagnetic forming technology and mainly used it to make motor vehicles, especially new energy vehicles. Compared with ordinary transformers, the Japanese company's electromagnets can make the coil area very small. Therefore, the length of the magnetic circuit is shortened, and the magnetic circuit (iron core) can be made smaller and lighter. The company provides important parts for Hitachi's heavy ion medical equipment. In March 2020, the company's sales are USD 6.24 million (JPY 800 million). The company seeks to increase its capital of USD 3.1 million (JPY 400 million) and transfer USD 780K (JPY 100 million) old shares, of which controlling stake can be sold.
Asia: South Korea

Korean bonding tool company seeks investment

The Korean company's main products are high-precision micro bonding tools. Its capillary material products have the advantages of low cost, long service life and friendly parameter setting of welding machine. The company has more than 100 employees. There are factories in Korea and Vietnam. The company has representative offices in China, Japan, the Philippines and the United States. Through agents, the company has more than 100 customers worldwide. Now it seeks investment.
Asia: South Korea

Korean cutting equipment company seeks investment

The company's main products are metal bond cutting blades, resin bond cutting blades, combined cutting blades, electroforming cutting blades, etc. Its cutting tools can be applied on many materials such as high-temperature co-fired ceramics ("HTCC"). The company's sales in 2017 is USD 3.27 million. The main customers are Samsung, LG, etc. Now the company seeks investment.
Asia: Japan

Japanese biopharmaceutical start-up seeks about USD 10 million B-round financing

The Japanese company develops DNA and RNA editing technology in the field of innovative medicines and chemical medicines, whose intellectual property assets may be granted rights to others under a licence, sublicence or other contract. The company's core is RNA-PPR technology. Its current products include repetitive motif RNA control platform, RNA splicing control platform and protein translation activation platform. The company seeks about USD 10 million (JPY 13 billion) B-round financing.
Asia: Japan

Japanese hydrogen fuel cell company seeks JV partners in China

The Japanese company produces hydrogen fuel cells with platinum-free catalysts. The technology is patented. The company's hydrogen fuel cell has the advantages of lighter weight, lower cost and more power generation. Even after 6,000 cycles (12 times the conventional cycle), the power generation capacity remains high. The company seeks JV partners in China on royalty payment base for technology transfer priced at USD 12 million.


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