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Asia: South Korea

Korean chemical company seeks USD 4 million working capital

The Korean company owns the key technologies of polyimide manufacturing such as polymers, composite material synthesis, etc. Its current shareholder structure is as the followings: founding team (CEO, COO, CTO) holds 29.3%, institutional investment (i.e. Samsung Venture) stands for 55.5%, and the rest are 15.2%. In 2023, the company's sales are expected to reach USD 25 million (KRW 31.1 billion) with profits of USD 6.4 million (KRW 8 billion). The company has completed its USD 4.8 million (KRW 6 billion) B-round financing. Now the company seeks USD 4 million (KRW 5 billion) for the working capital of its second factory.
Asia: Singapore

Singaporean smart controller company seeks strategic investor to be listed on China's Growth Enterprise Market

The Singaporean listed company mainly engages in the production and sales of smart controllers. Its main production bases are in Malaysia and China and main customers are based in Europe. The company's annual sales revenue is USD 63-79 million while net profit is USD 1-1.25 million. Its net cash is over USD 36 million. Over the past 5 years, the company has over USD 21.63 million in dividends. The company seeks a Chinese strategic investor to be listed on China's Growth Enterprise Market in the next 3 years.
Asia: Japan

Japanese food company seeks 100% equity investor

The Japanese company's products are cheese and other dairy products. The company owns a complete production line and supporting equipment. Two new production lines can be added to its factory and there is space left for new factories. The company has earned USD 890 thousand reveune in 2019. Now it seeks 100% equity.
Asia: South Korea

Korean stem cell therapy company seeks USD 20 million B-round financing

The Korean company provides three types of stem cell therapies. First, its Natural Killer ("NK") immune cell therapy is used for treatment of prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer. Second, its mesenchymal stem cell ("MSC") therapy is used for treatment of degenerative arthrits of the knee. Third, its TSC differentiated cell induction technology is used for treatment of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. All of these have completed Phase I clinical trials in 2021. The company is a leader in the industry of immune cell therapy but also in the industry of second-generation cytogenetic therapy. Its current value is about USD 80 million. The company seeks USD 20 million B-round financing.
Asia: South Korea

Korean OLED lighting company seeks JV partners in China

The Korean company manufactures Organic Light Emitting Diodes ("OLED") high-end commercial lighting. Its original manufacturing process reduces the cost to one-tenth of that of competitors in the same industry. Now the company seeks to set up a joint venture in China with an estimated investment of USD 32 million.
Asia: South Korea

Korean semiconductors company seeks to sell its LCD business and set up a JV in China

The Korean company's business focuses on manufacturing liquid crystal display ("LCD") strippers, semiconductor strippers and chemical mechanical polishing ("CMP") pads for semiconductors. Currently, its clients include Boe Technology Group Cp., Ltd, LG and others, with annual sales of about USD 3.9 million and 25% operating profit.The company seeks to sell its LCD stripper business for USD 6 million. Additionally, the company seeks to set up a joint venture in China to produce semiconductor strippers and CMP pads for semiconductors.
Asia: South Korea

Korean communication company seeks M&A and building a factory in China

The Korean company manufactures datalink service provider free ("DSP-free") 100G, 200G and 400G active optical cables ("AOC") and optical modules. It is the only manufacturer in the world that can achieve DSP-free 400G AOC. The company plans M&A and seeks to build a factory in China with the investment amount of USD 20-30 million.
Asia: South Korea

Korean carbon fiber and glass fiber materials company seeks JV partners or investors in China

The Korean company is predominantly developing and manufacturing high-end carbon fiber and glass fiber materials, for which it owns unique technology. Its high-strength glass fiber materials can replace stainless steel and aluminum parts, with the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight and low cost. Currently, the company is the supplier of Samsung (high-end home appliance series), LG (high-end home appliance series) and Hyundai (drone products). Its annual sales are approximately USD 9.5 million. The company seeks joint venture partners or investors in China.
Asia: Israel

Israeli liquid metal 3D printer company seeks equity financing and partners in China

The Israeli liquid metal 3D printer company's patented technology enables solid metal and ceramic nanoparticles to be suspended in liquid. These liquid metal, ceramic materials and other supporting materials that are required for 3D printing are then encapsulated into ink cartridges. Through the company's 3D printer for metal and ceramic material printing, users do not need to deal with metal powder. Meanwhile, users can also customize the production of metal parts on a large scale, at low cost and with high efficiency. The company seeks equity financing and partners in China.
Asia: Japan

Japanese biopharmaceutical start-up seeks investment

The Japanese biopharmaceutical start-up is developing tumor antigen peptide vaccines and authorizing immunologic adjuvants. The tumor antigen peptide vaccines are tumor polypeptide antigens (HSP70/GPC3 peptides) which can be combined with three different types of white blood cells (HLA-A2402, HLA-A0201, HLA-A0206). The other component - immunologic adjuvants - have been recognized in clinical trials with good safety and efficacy data; it has already been applied for patent and is planning to conduct Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials.
Asia: Japan

Japanese medical equipment start-up seeks USD 11.55 million E-round financing

The Japanese medical equipment start-up manufactures a variety of surgical assistance robot products. The products include endoscope gripping robots that are suitable for different types of surgeries as well as minimally invasive surgical assistance robots. Specifically speaking, the company's products incorporate tactile information sensing during operations. Through the pneumatic drive technology, the force exerted on the top of the surgical forces can be inferred, and its tactile information (such as the gripping force on organs, the pulling force during suturing, etc.) can be fed back to the chief surgeon, thereby reducing the surgical trauma to the patient. On the other hand, the maintenance cost and selling price of the company's products are lower than those of the Da Vinci surgical assistance robots, which will greatly reduce the cost of the surgery. The company's endoscope gripping robots were launched in Japan in 2015. The company is valuated at USD 143 million and seeks USD 11.55 million (JPY 1.5 billion) for E-round financing.
Asia: South Korea

Korean medical equipment company seeks USD 100 million equity financing or JV partners

The Korean medical equipment company mainly focuses on researching and manufacturing anti-fall wheelchairs, which can prevent wheelchair fall accidents. Meanwhile, the company has also launched information and communications technology products, wheelchair safety accessories and products suitable for new materials. Its wheelchair braking system has been recognized by Korea Invention Promotion Association and selected as a priority purchase item for excellent inventions. The company has won many awards including the Seoul International Invention Fair Grand Prize Award. As of 2020, more than 60 patents of the company have already been applied or are under application stage. In 2020, the company passed the Food and Drug Administration certification and has cooperated with companies such as Rehasense and Vermeiren International. Now the company seeks USD 100 million equity financing or to set up a joint venture.


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