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Asia: Israel

Israeli telemedicine community seeks strategic partners and looks for professionals.

The Israeli telemedicine community launched six years ago and is the world’s largest online medical community, covering 850,000 doctors and 100 professionals in more than 120 countries around the world. The project enables doctors from all over the world to talk about real-world medicine, solve patient cases through cooperation project members, will participate in online educational activities, and use point-to-point negotiation to solve clinical difficulties and problems. Patients can get answers from professional and proven doctors from different departments so that the community can shorten diagnosis time and improve medical care. The business module of the project provides a unique digital bridge connecting the life sciences of the company and healthcare partners. It provides the global life science industry with practical solutions based on medical population procurement to meet daily challenges that could not be solved before. The company seeks strategic partners and looks for professionals.
Asia: Israel

Israeli biomedical company has a IVF project and seeks investment.

The Israeli biomedicine company’s project improves the success rate of IVF treatment based on its proprietary technology, which determines the patient's uterine preparation through continuous real-time monitoring in vivo. This personalized medical solution provides direct information about the condition of the endometrium. At present, it has raised 1.5 million US dollars, which is mainly used to continue clinical trials and expand its intellectual property rights and complete prototype design. It is planned to submit documents for registration within one and a half years upon which the business will start.
Asia: Israel

Israeli biotechnology company seeks investment.

The Israeli biotechnology company has allied with multinational cosmetics companies and obtained scientifically proven results. More importantly, the core ingredient are natural and sustainable compounds extracted from avocado. It is now developing and producing a patented product using sustainable bioactive compounds extracted from avocado as personal care products. The product can treat skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. More than six years of product development and extensive scientific research have demonstrated the ability to repair the damage, such as skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation and skin inflammatory diseases, in preclinical and clinical studies. The company seeks investment.
Asia: Israel

Israeli injectable implants company seeks $3 million investment.

The Israeli company has developed injectable implants, which can automatically complete the facial wrinkle filling injection procedure, significantly reduce the risk of complications related to manual filler injection, and provide a better cosmetic effect. The project's patented injectable implants device provides enhanced comfort and reduces the risk of vascular complications. Its business model is to make profits by selling syringes, special needles, and other consumables only compatible with the company's equipment. The company is currently seeking to raise $3 million to maintain operations for the next 18 months to manufacture equipment, register more patents, obtain FDA, CE approval, pilot with doctors, launch products, and start sales.
Asia: Israel

Israeli 3D printing company seeks investment.

The company is headquartered in Israel and has 60 employees worldwide. It’s a pioneer in high-volume additive manufacturing systems for automotive, construction, advertising, and other industries. Its business model includes recurring revenue from hardware sales and consumables, and it has built a global sales network. The company was founded to overcome three fundamental barriers associated with additive manufacturing technology: printing speed, size, and end-use materials. Two disruptive technologies were developed which are broadly IP protected by 57 active patents: gel dispensing printing (GDP) and dynamic casting. GDP technology was introduced into the market for the fundamental speed of mass additive manufacturing. It allows large prototypes and models to be produced in hours rather than days or weeks. Dynamic casting technology is an advanced derivation of GDP. It allows the mold shell to be produced at unprecedented speed while the material is dynamically cast into the mold shell. It is also scalable to support materials that cannot be 3D-printed with other technologies in the future. The company is finalising its pre-IPO project.
Asia: Japan

Janpanese healthcare center focusing on cancer treatment seeks investment.

The Japanese healthcare center has the world's smallest and latest heavy particle therapy device, adopts high-speed scanning irradiation method with high accuracy, so realizes the most advanced cancer treatment with the world's leading high-end technology. The center adopts a universal design, which can provide a more comfortable cancer treatment experience for patients. Since the device is in operation, the center has provided treatment for more than 500 patients, including prostate cancer patients, head and neck patients, liver cancer patients, lung cancer patients, pancreatic cancer patients, bone cancer patients, and other patients. The healthcare center seeks investment.
Asia: Japan

Japanese hospital seeks investment.

The Japanese hospital was established in 1994 and is located in Hiroshima. It focuses on the treatment of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, herpes zoster, and other diseases. In addition, it focuses on hypertension, smoking cessation, gout, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis, amnesia/dementia, constipation. Also, provide professional and characteristic treatment services in the pneumococcal vaccine, influenza vaccination, and other aspects. At present, the company seeks investment.
Asia: Japan

Japanese hospital specialized in cancer treatment seeks investment.

The Japanese hospital is specialized in integrated and advanced treatment of cancer, comprising examination, prevention, and treatment. It has a close cooperative relationship with various advanced research institutions and medical institutions. It has been continuously studying projects such as advanced treatment of cancer, ultra-early detection, and recurrence prevention for a long time. The company now seeks investment.
Asia: Japan

Janpanese semiconductor company selling one of their wafer factories in Japan

The company plans to sell one of its wafer factories in Japan. The factory has a construction area of 100,000 square meters, a clean room of 20,000 square meters and an 8-inch wafer manufacturing capacity.
Asia: Japan

Japanese vegetable juice company seeks 100% equity acquisition.

The Japanese company founded in 1965, is a leader in the Japanese vegetable juice (extract from barley leaves) industry and has 400 employees. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of vegetable juice, collagen, and other health food and cosmetics. Its collagen products have been the first in the sales of the health food network for 10 consecutive years. The company has an annual revenue of about 235 million USD, a profit of about 32 million USD, a net asset of about 30 million USD. At present, it seeks 100% acquisition.
Asia: South Korea

Medical company located in the Republic of Korea seeks investment

South Korean medical device production and sales company was founded in 2001 and now has 13 employees. Many of the company's products have independent intellectual property rights in China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, the United States, Australia, Europe and other parts of the world. Its excreta collection equipment launched by the company helps to maintain personal hygiene and effectively reduce and prevent the occurrence of bedsore. The product is composed of a portable host and a disposable collection part. It has the following advantages: excellent design and advanced technology (prevent secondary bacterial infection and pollution, easy to handle waste and observe bloody excreta, environment-friendly, less waste, less cost, easy to use, excellent adhesion). The simple cleaning bag products have passed the test. The company is now looking for investment.
Asia: Netherlands / India

Dutch VOD platform company seeks strategic partners.

Dutch VOD platform provider focuses on international creative video customers. In order to provide users with the best access scheme in the European user market. The provider uses the convenient OTT VOD platform and the exclusive European mainstream set-top with high European coverage. If customers use the subscription service, they can use various tools and technologies which support their video creation. The customer only needs to focus on the content of their videos, and all other matters are left to the company. The company is the best choice for Chinese video content accessible to the European market: it has strategic cooperation with Youku and signed strategic contracts with Bilibili and CCTV respectively in 2019. Now its joint venture is in India and the company seeks strategic financing.


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