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Asia: Korea

Korean warehouse equipment manufacture seeks project financing

The company was founded in 1973 and its main business is to manufacture special equipment such as forklift truck and pallet truck. Among its 8,000 customers are leading enterprises in various industries such as Hyundai, Samsung, Lotte, LG, Coca Cola, etc. Since 2018, the company restructured its main business around AI powered forklift truck and warehouse vehicles, for which it seeks to sell convertible bonds or stocks of 1.5 ~ 1.7b KRW (about USD 1.25 to 1.42 million)
Asia: Japan

Janpanese R&D battery company seeks M&A

The Japanese start-up has been engaged in the R&D of lithium batteries for 10 years. According to the experimental data, it can increase the electric vehicle's driving range by 100%. The company mainly provides technical support for large companies. Its annual sales is about 100 million JPY (about 6.5 million RMB). At present, it is planned to carry out full mass production of battery cathode materials for a market that supports scaling the current business by 10x to 100x.
Asia: Japan

Japanese data information company seeks buyers for its Asian business.

The company established in 1994 with a registered capital of about US $4 million is one of the first Japanese enterprises engaged in the development and sales of digital map technology, which is a monopoly industry in Japan due to the high technical threshold. Its customers include automobile manufacturers (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc.), communication enterprises (NTT, NEC, KDDI, etc.), and electrical appliance manufacturers (Sony, Fujitsu, etc.). The company's products have a monopoly market share and product coverage in emerging markets in Asia. The company is willing to sell its business in Asia, which is developing and selling digital map products and providing regional big data information.
Asia: Singapore, Indonesia

Singaporean precision metal parts company seeks USD 8 million investment.

The company headquartered in Singapore and established in 2004 with 22 employees, runs a factory and a trading company. The factory established in 2011 is located in Batam, Indonesia and has 90 employees, and covers an area of 30,000 square feet. The factory has 80 Japanese automatic precision machining machines, and complete cleaning lines, clean rooms, and assembly lines. Its main business is the production and secondary processing of precision metal parts and engineered components. The trading company is located in Singapore, established in 2009, with a sales team of 10 people, mainly engaged in the sales and service of plastic resin, engineering products, and composite products. The company's annual sales was USD 10 million, while they seek investment of USD 8 million.
Asia: Malaysia

Malaysian paper manufacturer seeks majority investor for expansion to China

Malaysian paper manufacturer owns pulp and paper mill covering a total area of more than 30 acres and a construction area of more than 11 acres. The maximum capacity of these mills is about 90,000 metric tons of paper products every year, accounting for 10% of kraft paper in Malaysia. Its paper product is environmentally friendly and low-cost way by using waste paper products. Since 2015, the company's revenue and net profit have increased by more than 20%, and the company’s EBITDA margin increased from 13% to 23%. Now the major shareholders want to sell their controlling share for strategic buyers and seek partners in China for growth.
Asia: Japan

Japanese nursing Robot company seeks investment.

Japanese-based nursing robot company has an excretion treatment device for a wide range of patients (elderly, disabled, recovery, etc.). The device is simple to use and designed with a small size. A high automation level makes the monitoring system more reliable.
Europe: Israel

Israeli Bladder Cancer Treatment Company Seeks to Sell 100% Equity

The Israeli company has developed and commercialized a device for the treatment of Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (NMIBC). The company’s device has a CE mark and is currently considered by the European Association of Urology (EAU) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as one of only few reliable and effective treatments for NMIBC. The company has performed 40,000 treatments in the past 20 years in Europe (incl. UK), Turkey and Israel. The founder and inventor seek to sell the company to concentrate on R&D. The software-controlled device is minimally invasive and enables disease-free survival following the therapy while maintaining higher bladder preservation rates. Current annual sales are USD 1 million. Since it is a one-product company, fixed costs remain relatively high (space, accounting, insurance, regulatory). Integration of the product into a large-scale operation is expected to realize cost synergies within the first year of operation.
Europe: Germany

Mass Hands Sanitizer

A machine for hand-sanitizing to be located in public areas (e.g. airports, schools) and events (e.g. fairs, stadiums, etc.) in order to contain and prevent COVID-19 while minimizing waste from empty disinfectant bottles and avoiding the need to recycle them.
Europe: Rome

AI company in Rome seeks partners and investment.

The company has a new industrial asset maintenance method that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to prevent faults, prolong asset life cycle and reduce maintenance cost. This is a cloud based data prediction engine, which can extract the extraordinary correlation between monitoring data and asset behavior, predict future faults, classify assets according to operation behavior, rank the performance of individual assets according to similar groups, and provide maintenance planning tasks according to priority.
The company-led Intelligent Bridge project is a real-time infrastructure anomaly monitoring system based on deep machine learning and Al. As a famous accelerator project in Europe (won the European Amsterdam Gold Medal of the Year), the company is recommended to participate in the 2019 China IASIC semiconductor special competition and obtain excellent results.
"Intelligent Bridge System" independently developed by the company: signed a 200,000 Euro contract with the Italian national autonomous highway group for the development and integration of intelligent bridge solutions and their national control rooms.
The company has established a technical and commercial partnership with SWS engineering to develop the Italian and international intelligent road monitoring market
Europe: Netherlands/India

Dutch VOD platform provider in the seeks partners and investment.

The European VOD platform provider focuses on providing international original video customers with the best access in the European user market.
-Using the convenient OTT video on demand platform, the exclusive European mainstream set-top box is connected to the network, with high European coverage.
-Seamlessly open subscription services, and various tools and technologies are readily available to support the sustainable development of video business. The customer only needs to focus on content, and all other matters are left to the company.
The company is the best choice for Chinese video content access to the European market: it has strategic cooperation with Youku and signed strategic contracts with Bilibili and CCTV respectively in 2019.
Europe: Netherlands

Dutch Bluetooth and GNSS company providing IP authorization services seeks investment

The company was founded in 2015 and separated from Delft University of technology. It is an independent company. In the fourth quarter of 2016, Bluetooth IP was launched and received the first revenue from Dutch customers.
In 2019, they launched their first product, an ultra-low power GNSS chip system (SoC), which is mainly used in the Internet of things (IoT) market.
Europe: Netherlands

Dutch AI company seeks market development.

European company, a well-known domestic navigation enterprise, and Eindhoven University of Technology jointly incubate, based on the real-time deep learning algorithm of camera and radar system, committed to the development of the next generation of integrated automatic driving artificial intelligence system and all kinds of intelligent real-time decision system based on sensors.


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