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Europe: Finland

Electirc vehicle manufacturer in Finland seeks investment.

As an electric sports car manufacturer, the company pioneered a revolutionary high-performance 48V power assembly, which can output 1300 + horsepower. In 2015, the company released the world's first 1 MW concept super sports car, which is 4-wheel drive, takes only 8.8 seconds from 0 to 300km / h, and can quickly replace the battery. The brand has received 2.2 billion global visits, and the brand valuation is about US $23 million. The world's top design and R&D team has polished the products in place from 2015 to 2020, and the round A financing will be used for vehicle mass production.
Core design modules (patents) include:
-48V super safe motor
-Energy electronic module
-Fast switching 48V battery (with Chinese patent)
-Fast switching and charging station
-Power assembly: it can be used in automobile, aviation, trucks, etc.
Europe: Netherlands

Dutch semiconductor company seeks investment for their new products-WIFI6 Bluetooth.

The semiconductor company, former part of Philips Semiconductor, provides chip development services in wireless communications, RF technology, analog and mixed signal processing, vehicle radio broadcasting and other fields. The European technology team is located in the Netherlands and its members have more than 10 years of RF industrial product R&D experience. Based on nearly 30 years of R&D accumulation, the company plans to develop a new generation of Bluetooth chip (TWS, SOC). The company has a mature WiFi 5 underlying architecture system, and has carried out some WiFi 6 architecture research and development in 2019, which will be regarded as the strategic goal of the first phase. At the same time, it will continue to provide technical services for existing and potential domestic customers and explore the possibility of in-depth cooperation. The initial R&D team is expected to be 20 people in Europe and 10 in China. With the development of product R&D, the domestic team plans to expand rapidly, so as to realize rapid iteration at the digital end and application end. The European team will grow steadily, mainly focusing on the R&D of core RF technology, mass production of products and subsequent application end operation and maintenance, all of which are located in China. At present, it is planned to achieve rapid growth of at least two main lines of business within five years and plan to be listed.
Europe: Germany

German autoimmune disease IVD company seeks investment.

The company mainly develops and produces autoimmune disease diagnostic reagent products for early detection, diagnosis and prediction of autoimmune diseases. At present, the company has introduced more than 150 products in the field of diagnostic reagents. Main diagnostics include rheumatology, thrombosis, gastroenterology, vasculitis, thyroid, diabetes, liver disease and lyme disease ELISA detection, immunofluorescence based on cell and tissue slides, and IFA. With more than 200 employees in 20 countries and sales in more than 90 countries.
Europe: Germany

German biological IVD company seeks investment.

The company was founded in Germany and is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of high-end diagnostic system solutions. At present, the global market has covered more than 100 countries and more than 90 kinds of clinical chemical and reaction reagents. The company's revenue in fiscal year 18 / 19 exceeded 60 million euros, of which 80% came from reaction reagents and 20% from testing instruments.
At present, the company has more than 500 employees and more than 200 employees in its headquarters in Germany. The company has R&D institutions in Germany, France, India and China.
Europe: Germany

German company specialized in safety automation technology seeks investment.

The company is headquartered in Germany is a leader in the field of safety automation technology, and is committed to researching and selling products for control and monitoring, control and sensor technology. Its solutions are widely used in all fields of mechanical engineering, including packaging, automobiles, robot applications, machine tools, wind power and other technical fields.
The company also provides small controllers, drivers, etc. At the same time, based on customers' needs, it also provides the whole process of consultation, engineering and training services related to mechanical safety.
At present, the company has established 42 subsidiaries and branches around the world, with about 2,500 employees. In 2018, the company's sales reached 345 million euros, of which 73% came from overseas markets.
Europe: Germany

German high-precision laser microcimputer manufacturer seeks investment.

The company is headquartered in Germany, is one of the global leaders and technical pioneers in designing and manufacturing high-precision laser microcomputers for ultrafast lasers.
The company's product laser micromachining system covers all micromachining processes. The design of 5-axis synchronous machining has a high-precision guide rail, which can ensure 1μm precision in X, Y, and Z directions, and direct linear motor to achieve the best motion accuracy.
At present, the company has 80 employees, has about 9,000 square meters of production workshop and 2,000 square meters of office area is responsible for D&R of mechanical design technology and provides complete solutions for maintenance throughout the process.
Europe: Germany

German indutrial automation company seeks investment.

The company is an expert in the field of industrial automation, providing customized solutions for global customers, including electrical engineering, automation, power engineering and industrial software+information systems. It is a key system provider in the field of automotive and industrial automation worldwide, providing intelligent equipment and system integration solutions for many large-scale production industries, and also providing overall solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering, energy supply, hydropower, drinking water, and sewage treatment.
In 2019, the company's sales reached 175 million euros, and more than 50% of the company's business revenue came from automation equipment manufacturing and robots, and industrial information systems were also an important part of its revenue; At present, the company has 75 branches around the world, with a total of about 1,100 employees.
Europe: Germany

German auto parts technoloy group wants to divest its subsidiary.

The company is a subsidiary of a leading automotive technology group. At present, the Group intends to divest the subsidiary and sell it to interested investors.
The company is mainly engaged in the design, development and production of automotive related mechanical and electronic pumps and hydraulic actuators. Its products are mainly used in traditional and new energy vehicle braking and transmission systems, and its technology is in the world's leading level. The company's sales amount in 2019 reached 110 million euros, and the EBIT margin was 6%. The company has production facilities in Europe, China and North America
Europe: Spain

Spanish freight forwarder company seeks 100 % equity acquisitions.

The company is a Spanish freight forwarding company with a history of 40 years. The current shareholders of the company are approaching the retirement age. They are looking for a suitable acquirer to lead the group into the next growth stage.
1. In the past few years, the group's sales revenue has achieved double-digit growth, with a global transportation volume of 84,000 standard containers. The group has become one of the main service providers in the Spanish market
2. 93% of the export containers transported by the group are exported from Spain
3. The group has a superior core geographical location and can efficiently provide customers with first-class logistics services
4. More than 1300 customers have maintained long-term cooperative relations for an average of more than 10 years
5. The total number of employees of the group is about 85
6. Revenue and EBITDA in 2018 were € 65.8 million and € 4 million respectively.
Europe: Europe

European wind power control solution company seeks Chinese partners

The company mainly provides wind turbine control and pitch system solutions. With industry-leading technology, it provides long-term service to domestic and foreign wind power OEMs and five power generation enterprises and assisted wind farm owners in wind turbine transformation.
The highlights of the company are as the follows:
1. With years of R&D accumulation in the field of wind energy, the proprietary technology is applied to the main control, pitch control and wind farm reconstruction projects of all kinds of KW and MW fans, and continues to pursue innovation
2. The only supplier that can quickly respond to customer needs and provide a full set of high-quality fan control software and hardware and customized design solutions
3. It is applicable to the design of big data, collect wind farm operation data quickly and efficiently, and automatically convert modular applications into code, helping follow-up development, operation and maintenance, and cost reduction.
4.The pioneer of fan transformation business, whose transformation plan can help increase the power generation of the fan by at least 3-5%, extend the service life of the fan for 20 years, and ensure the continuous operation in emergency situations.
5. The stable and experienced team provides customers with reliable products and professional value-added services, and has established in-depth partnership with owners, OEMs, power producers and service providers
6. Strategic cooperation with the target can help investors quickly obtain core technologies from Europe and accelerate the localization of high-end PLC in China.
Europe: France

French aluminum industry seeks investment or partners.

The company is a global leader in the particular kind alumina market. The company focuses on value-added special products.
The company's business covers the whole value chain and is a fully integrated participant. The company has 3 calcination plants and 25+ wholly owned or cooperative grinding plants worldwide, which are located in France, South Korea, Taiwan and Chinese mainland, with annual production capacity exceeding 500kt. It covers the global business through 10 + sales offices and more than 50 logistics centers in Europe, North America and Asia, providing customers with the greatest flexibility and customer proximity. The company has 650 + customers worldwide. From 2016 to 2019, it successfully realized the transformation to special alumina products, providing attractive growth and profit prospects. From 2016 to 2019, the capital expenditure exceeded 43 million euros, and the revenue in 2019 was 227 million euros. The European market accounted for 56%, the Asia Pacific region 27%, North America 9%, India and Middle East Asia 7%, and the other 1%. EBITDA: € 15.2 million in 2018 and € 8.6 million in 2019, with a target of more than € 25 million by 2024.
Europe: Europe and America

European cloud computing & SaaS company seeks investment.

Cloud computing resource optimization algorithm and SaaS service (angel $500000-1 million, applied on AMS, Chinese team)


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