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Asia: Japan

Two Japanese automotive manufacturers seek combined acquisition.

Two Japanese companies that have good quality reputations are affiliated companies and hope to bundle up for sale. The first company is mainly engaged in the processing of automobile and agricultural machinery parts, such as the manufacturing of engine cylinders, gearbox, turbine shell, and other parts with high airtightness. The second company is mainly engaged in automobile parts manufacturing and coating. The acquisition price is about 200 million RMB.
Europe: Finland

Electirc vehicle manufacturer in Finland seeks investment.

As an electric sports car manufacturer, the company pioneered a revolutionary high-performance 48V power assembly, which can output 1300 + horsepower. In 2015, the company released the world's first 1 MW concept super sports car, which is 4-wheel drive, takes only 8.8 seconds from 0 to 300km / h, and can quickly replace the battery. The brand has received 2.2 billion global visits, and the brand valuation is about US $23 million. The world's top design and R&D team has polished the products in place from 2015 to 2020, and the round A financing will be used for vehicle mass production.
Core design modules (patents) include:
-48V super safe motor
-Energy electronic module
-Fast switching 48V battery (with Chinese patent)
-Fast switching and charging station
-Power assembly: it can be used in automobile, aviation, trucks, etc.
Europe: Germany

German auto parts technoloy group wants to divest its subsidiary.

The company is a subsidiary of a leading automotive technology group. At present, the Group intends to divest the subsidiary and sell it to interested investors.
The company is mainly engaged in the design, development and production of automotive related mechanical and electronic pumps and hydraulic actuators. Its products are mainly used in traditional and new energy vehicle braking and transmission systems, and its technology is in the world's leading level. The company's sales amount in 2019 reached 110 million euros, and the EBIT margin was 6%. The company has production facilities in Europe, China and North America
Europe: Europe

Metal molding company in Europe seeks investment or acquisition.

The company is a leading technology developer and manufacturer of advanced metal casting molds in Europe. Its molds can cast highly complex metal geometries, mainly used in the automotive industry. The company has world-class expertise and can develop and manufacture the most complex and advanced molds in all processes and materials: casting materials include light metals (aluminum, magnesium) and cast iron (gray cast iron and vermicular cast iron). As a solution provider, the target company has the most advanced engineering, development, process simulation, manufacturing, project management and service capabilities. As a key technology supplier in the global automotive industry, the company's customers include well-known vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers in the global passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle market. The company's molds are used in the production of various vehicle system components. The mold is not only used for traditional fuel vehicles, but also widely used in new energy vehicles. The company has good prospects: Electric and hybrid vehicles need new precision casting parts; Enterprises use more cast structural parts to reduce vehicle weight; Strict environmental regulations put forward requirements for advanced professional knowledge of enterprises; The demand for complex parts in the heavy vehicle market is growing; At present, the integration of mold casting market provides opportunities for future growth.
Europe: Sweden

Swedish sheet metal components manufacturer in automotive seeking domestic investors.

The company is a century-old Swedish manufacturer producing high-quality sheet metal parts and components. The company's customers include Volvo, Scania, Haldex, Subaru , Meritor, etc. More than 50% of heavy trucks produced in Europe are using the parts provided by the company.
Europe: Italy

Italian lightning components manufacrurer seeking to sell 80% of its equity

Founded in 1945, the company is a company specializing in the production of die-casting aluminum alloy parts, with three factories in Italy. With many years of experience and reputation, it has developed into a world-class automotive secondary and tertiary supplier and became a strategic partner of the most important lighting system manufacturer in the automotive field. The company mainly includes two business departments:
The die casting business department independently designs various die-casting tools, and produces high-precision aluminum die-casting products, powder coatings, metallized reflectors and radiators.
The metal stamping business department independently designs progressive blanking dies and tools to produce metal parts related to automobile and electronic equipment.
The company's leading technologies are metal aluminum reflectors for automobile headlamps, radiators for LED lighting, and control elements and heat dissipation components, which are widely used in lighting, automobile, electronics, and general industry and aerospace.
In 2018, the company had a revenue of 213 million yuan, an EBITDA of 35.36 million yuan and a net profit after tax of 8.65 million yuan. Its main customers include large European automotive first-class suppliers, such as, Fiat, Valeo, Magna, etc. and is a long-term partner of many world-class lamp suppliers in the field of lamps.
Europe: Germany

German plastics precision parts maker with China operations seeking partnerships

The target manufactures and sells plastic precision parts for the automotive, medical, communication and industrial sectors worldwide.
The target was established in 1864, and is mainly engaged in plastic products. Its business scope includes the development, production and sales of key parts and electronic control systems of automobile engines and transmissions, and enjoys a world leading position in molding, injection molding and whole machine assembly. There is a production base in Taicang, China.
Its broad product portfolio covers products ranging from plastic and metal systems, footware, medical to auxiliary systems for automatic driving. At present, the main customers are automotive suppliers, accounting for about 80% of the operating revenue. The target reached a strategic partnership agreement with Adidas in 2019
In FY 2018, the target's 3453 employees successfully generated operating revenue of about 430 million euros (about 17% annual growth rate)
Europe: Croatia

Croatian powder coating distributor seeking partners

The company mainly distributes powder coating products and specializes in import, trade and consulting in the field of plastic coating and metal surface treatment.
Asia - South: India

Indian auto-electrical component manufacturer seeks JV or technical collaboration partner

The company supplying electro-mechanical and auto-electrical switches was established in 1964 and is among a few players in the industry that provide end-to-end solutions from design & development, molds to delivering the switches to its clients. The company’s products are mainly sold to the tractor OEMs who are witnessing strong growth in sales even in the Covid era. The tractor sales for December 2020 were around 62,000 units compared to 43,000 units in December 2019 in India. The existing annual revenue of the firm is 4.5 million USD.
Asia: Turkey

Automotive OEM Parts Manufacturer from Turkey - Seeking Investor for Growth

The Turkey based seller is a well-known automotive OEM & Aftermarket parts manufacturer producing gas spring, steering parts, and dampers, among others. The company has high quality & QC standards (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, Ford Q1 with ISO27001 in progress) and a certified R&D center. Year-end sales in 2020 reached almost USD 6.5 million with an EBITDA of 30%. The 2021 sales growth target is 40% year-on-year. The company is exporting globally through a US entity with vast network and spare parts portfolio. Their growth ambitions are in product and market diversification, as well as faster product development. The company employs 200 staff and has 11,000 square meters of production area with a customized CPM-Master ERP system in place. There is room for extending the production facilities.
North America: United States

Auto Spare Parts Manufacturer from USA and Europe – Seeking Majority Investor for Global Expansion

The company is looking for an investor to grow its product portfolio and global market share. Currently, the company has three registered trademarks and produces gas springs, suspension & steering parts, and dampers. In 2020 annual sales across the board was USD 12.5 million with an EBITDA of 20%, while sales are projected to increase to USD 21 million. The company supplies OEM parts on behalf of other manufacturers and obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certifications with ISO27001 in the process. The company boosting the Ford Q1 award has a high customer retention rate and steady growth of about 5% annually.


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