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Asia: South Korea

Korean stem cell therapy company seeks USD 20 million B-round financing

The Korean company provides three types of stem cell therapies. First, its Natural Killer ("NK") immune cell therapy is used for treatment of prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer. Second, its mesenchymal stem cell ("MSC") therapy is used for treatment of degenerative arthrits of the knee. Third, its TSC differentiated cell induction technology is used for treatment of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. All of these have completed Phase I clinical trials in 2021. The company is a leader in the industry of immune cell therapy but also in the industry of second-generation cytogenetic therapy. Its current value is about USD 80 million. The company seeks USD 20 million B-round financing.
Asia: Japan

Japanese biopharmaceutical start-up seeks investment

The Japanese biopharmaceutical start-up is developing tumor antigen peptide vaccines and authorizing immunologic adjuvants. The tumor antigen peptide vaccines are tumor polypeptide antigens (HSP70/GPC3 peptides) which can be combined with three different types of white blood cells (HLA-A2402, HLA-A0201, HLA-A0206). The other component - immunologic adjuvants - have been recognized in clinical trials with good safety and efficacy data; it has already been applied for patent and is planning to conduct Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials.
Asia: Israel

Israeli biomedicine R&D company seeks investment.

The Israeli biomedicine R&D company has a project which has been developed and patented. This project aims to reduce the resistance of tumor to conventional treatment. Several diagnostic tests were used to decipher the specific tumor metabolic addiction profile (STMAP), considering the essential nutrients required for tumor proliferation and growth, and the tumor microenvironment profile (TMEP), the cellular environment in which the tumor exists. In addition, the project uses metabolic biomarkers to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms driving tumor initiation, maintenance and expansion, combined with predictive (diagnostic) metabolic biomarkers to assist in matching targeted therapies (drugs and natural compounds). The company seeks investment for this project.


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