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Asia: Japan

Japanese functional protein production company seeks Chinese partners.

The Japanese company uses genome editing technology to extract functional proteins from farmed chickens and provide them as pharmaceutical raw materials to antibody, vaccine and other pharmaceutical companies. The CTO and CSO are the active professor and associate professor of the University of Tokushima respectively. The company completed A-round financing of USD 6.2 million in 2020 and plans to launch B-round financing of USD 10 million in the near future. It hopes to establish cooperative relations with relevant Chinese enterprises and obtain Chinese investment.
Asia: Japan

Japanese R&D of autoimmune disorder medicines company seeks USD 12m pre-IPO financing.

The Japanese company is mainly engaged in R&D of medicines for autoimmune disorders and is also preparing to carry out R&D of cancer medicines related to harmonic T cells. At present, one of the two medicines in the pipeline has entered Phase II clinical trial. The company was restructured in 2018 and registered in Taiwan. Its total investment exceeds USD 33 million. It seeks pre-IPO financing of USD 12 million (USD 5 million has been injected), and then plans to be listed in Taiwan in 2023.
Asia: Japan

Japanese lifestyle diseases drug developer seeks financing.

The Japanese company mainly focuses on the development of new medicines for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. It currently has 7 product pipelines and three products of it have entered the Phase II clinical trial. The company is jointly funded by Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Takeda and Medipal. Now it seeks financing.
Asia: Japan

Japanese polymer microsphere technology development company seeks financing.

The Japanese company is mainly engaged in the development of polymer microsphere technology, which can effectively improve the safety and effectiveness of proteins for cancer treatment. The technologies of protein packaging, protection and release independently developed by the company have applied for exclusive patents. The company has established cooperation with many well-known national and international pharmaceutical enterprises such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Merck, Daiichi-Sankyo, GSK and AstraZeneca to jointly promote project research and development ("R&D") and clinical trials. It now seeks financing.
Asia: Japan

Japanese non-invasive blood glucose detection technology company seeks financing.

The Japanese company is an intelligent wearable device technology supplier, which can provide detection solutions for blood pressure, heartbeat, body temperature, blood oxygen and other physical characteristics. The non-interventional blood glucose detection developed by the company can use the spectrometer to measure the blood glucose level of users in a non-invasive manner. At present, the company has obtained USD 10 million financing from Taisho Pharmaceutical Group and Alfresa Holdings Corporation. Now it seeks financing.
Asia: Israel

Israeli artificial assisted reproductive sperm company seeks to establish a Chinese subsidiary.

The Israeli company has the exclusive technology of a real-time clinical quantitative phase microscope. Its products are portable and easy-to-use devices, which can try in real time, stain the same but image pollution-free, and also evaluate DNA fragments. The company has obtained 8 patents for its core technology. The company's unique system uses a desktop workstation and disposable ink cartridge, which can be embedded into the clinical laboratory workflow to select sperm cells according to unified standards. In March 2019, the company completed the seed round financing (and A-round financing commitment). It seeks to set up a Chinese subsidiary to carry out clinical trials and obtain product certification for financing purposes.
Asia: South Korea

Korean cancer screening company seeks investment.

The Korean company's core technology is nanoscale controllable surface coating technology. The company aims to reliably diagnose early human cancer through the highest sensitivity, specificity and lowest detection limit. Through 15 years of research and investment of USD 20 million, the company has completed the R&D of core technology. In vitro diagnosis ("IVD") has been applied and four cardiac lateral flow immunoassay ("LFA") (sidestream analysis) kits have been completed pilotscale experiment. The company has registered patents in 12 countries including the United States and the European Union. The company now seeks investment.
Asia: Israel

Israeli wound healing technology company seeks investment for market expansion.

The Israeli company develops exclusive wound healing technology products, which promote wound healing by using synthetic negatively charged microspheres ("NCM") to stimulate cells involved in wound healing and tissue regeneration. The company's most advanced wound healing products are classified as IIb medical devices in Europe and are manufactured by factories with European Conformity ("CE") mark certification. The company's products are currently sold in the European Union and some Latin American countries, and it plans to enter the American and Canadian markets. Now the company seeks investment.
Asia: South Korea

Korean Alzheimer's diagnosis technology company seeks investment.

The Korean company's Alzheimer's diagnosis technology has the original myelodysplastic syndromes ("MDS") technology (polymer detection technology), which is an original technology for early diagnosis of protein conformational diseases. The company has developed products for early and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease through blood samples. The company's original MDS technology can be used as a platform technology for diagnosis of all protein conformational diseases. Compared with current technology, the company's Blood Amyloid-β Oligomerization detection technology has the advantages of small amount of blood collection, simple method, quantitative detection, no need for expensive analytical instruments, early diagnosis and so on. In the future, based on MDS platform technology, the company's technology can also be used to detect Parkinson's disease. The company now seeks investment.
Asia: South Korea

Korean biopharma company seeks investment.

The Korean company began to expand its products since 2011, when it obtained the product licence of hyaluronic acid ("HA") injections. It has obtained the patent for manufacturing equipment and method of HA inducible factor. The company's anti-adhesion materials have obtained Good Manufacturing Practice ("GMP") certification and the collagen repair patch has obatined the medical device certification. The company has completed the botulinum toxin clinical phase I and II (phase III investigational new drug ("IND") application) trials, which were listed in the Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations ("KOSDAQ"). At present, the company's medical device factory in Daegu is a special factory for biomedical instruments, which can produce mesotherapy products such as HA/DNA injections, wound repair and tissue supplement materials, etc. in a modular manner. In the future, an Sejong GMP factory will be added for mass production of specialized medicines, bulk medicines, botulinum toxin, peptide for treating brain diseases, antiviral medicines for liver diseases, etc. In 2019, the company's export reached USD 6.24 million (KRW 7.8 billion) with 40 export countries. The company now seeks investment.
Asia: South Korea

Korean biotechnology company seeks USD 5 million equity financing.

The Korean company has developed the bioelectronic nose sensor technology based on human olfactory receptor and uses it to manufacture medical devices for early cancer diagnosis. The company's bioelectronic nose sensor is a super sensitive sensor, which can detect cancer earlier than any sensor or instrument. The examinee only needs to exhale on the inspection machine for about 1 minute to complete the inspection. There is no discomfort during the inspection. In addition, due to the mass production technology of sensors, the manufacturing cost of sensors is low and so the inspection cost is very low. The company has completed the development of a special bioelectronic nose sensor for early diagnosis of gastric cancer in 2019 and has completed three olfactory receptor sensors, all of which have been registered for patent. The expiratory examination instrument products will be licenced for sale through clinical trials in a short period. The company seeks USD 5 million for equity financing.
Asia: South Korea

Korean vital sign monitoring R&D company seeks USD 8.4 million equity financing.

The Korean company has the original technology of extracting heart information (heart rate, pressure and heart rate variability) through human pupil, and provides the above original technology and daily health management scheme for various terminals such as smart phones. Compared with wearable devices, the company's products have strong convenience. Its products can be switched on and integrated into the daily operation of smart phones without skin induction, and use the front camera to tract the rhythm of pupil dilation. Additionally, the company's products are widely used in many fields. The main application fields are psychological counseling services, telemedicine enterprises, communication companies and equipment manufacturers. The company seeks USD 8.4 million for equity financing.


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