Non-Governmental Organizations

NGOs have played an important role in Asia’s development. However, like the private sector, NGOs in Asia are also subject to increasingly stringent regulations and compliance requirements.

As markets in Asia have grown rapidly, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have played an important role in balancing social and economic development in many emerging economies.

NGOs have always served as a primary channel for international assistance in the region. Beyond this, however, NGO programs and services play a critical role in creating more collaboration between the communities, industry, and the governments.

Dezan Shira & Associates can help companies enter this market in Asia and overcome any challenges this sector may present.

How we can assist you with your NGO operations:

Most governments in Asia have steadily increased regulations and compliance requirements to keep pace with economic development. This has affected NGOs, which are now subject to more rules regarding office structure, registration, and permitted activities.

The type of market entry and corporate establishment methods vary greatly depending on the activities of the NGO.

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Governments have also increased stringency on the financial reporting requirements, particularly reporting for financing sourced from overseas, accounting practices as well as taxation for non-governmental organizations.

So, while several incentives are offered, NGO’s need to adhere to strict reporting standards and governmental policies.

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Dezan Shira & Associates has helped a number of international NGOs manage their interests in compliance with local regulations to an international standard.

From setting up and obtaining necessary licenses to managing reporting requirements and other statutory obligations, Dezan Shira & Associates has helped many NGOs increase the value of their contribution to the communities they serve.

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