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The industry is expanding throughout Asia, guided by new consumer trends and technology. Navigating the industry’s unique market and regulatory landscape, however, remains challenging for foreign firms.

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Market trends in Asia show that consumers increasingly value lifestyle or experience-oriented products and services, which has created new market potential for investors in the entertainment and sports industry. Young populations, middle class aspirations, and mass urbanization are driving Asia’s appetite for new forms of entertainment and sports. Furthermore, the unprecedented availability of smart phones and other personal technologies throughout the region ensures that growth is not confined to tier one cities.

When entering Asia’s entertainment and sports markets, investors must manage complex regulatory landscapes. Most Asian nations permit foreign direct investment in entertainment and sports. However, convoluted bureaucratic procedures, powerful local censor boards, and even local culture and customs can create obstacles to market access and growth for foreign investors interested in this market space.

Dezan Shira & Associates continues to assist a wide range of investors enter and scale in Asia’s entertainment and sports industry. With 25 years’ experience in emerging Asian markets, the firm offers a depth of knowledge from pre-market strategies to managing statutory compliances and maintaining best practices once operational. The firm has assisted a wide variety of foreign companies manage their legal, tax, and operations concerns in markets across Asia.

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