Environment and Cleantech

The increasing threat of climate change, growing government control, and rapid technological innovation increases the complexity of operating in Asia’s environment and cleantech industry.

Several countries are increasingly emphasizing the importance of sustainable development and the role private companies can play in reducing pollution and improving the environment.

Meanwhile, the private sector is responding; businesses in the region need to both meet new compliance requirements as well as adopt technology and practices that allow them to succeed sustainably – creating immense opportunities for investors.

While this sector is heavily incentivized, increasing governmental control in this arena may also pose a threat to industry players.

Companies can take several steps to mitigate risks within this industry.

How we can help companies navigate the environment and cleantech industry in Asia:

Identifying the right opportunities for investment within the Asian environment and cleantech market may prove to be overwhelming due to the large number of compliances as well as incentives – either of which may be unfeasible for your company.

Companies may find ground realities are quite different from incentives represented to promote investment.

Our business advisers are able to distinguish between viable options and provide insights to help companies achieve success within this industry. 

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Permitted structures for operations and activities as well as infrastructure availability varies considerably across Asia.

These factors play a significant role in the success of any business - particularly so for the environment and cleantech - an emerging industry that is subject to a rapidly developing regulatory environment.

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Despite the dramatic increase in demand for the industry’s products and services, foreign investors still need to manage a number of challenges.

Dezan Shira can help develop tax strategies and leverage government incentives for companies operating in this industry sector.

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Dezan Shira & Associates has helped environment and cleantech investors across China, ASEAN, and India. From pre-investment studies and strategy development to setup and helping with requisite compliances, the firm has tailored its services to help foreign companies enter this emerging industry in Asia.

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