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Asia: South Korea

Korean gas monitoring equipment company seeks share sale of USD 37 to 45 million.

The equipment developed by the Korean company will help overcome the process limits in the next generation of ultra-precision semiconductor device manufacturing / OLED display device manufacturing. The company's particle monitoring equipment can conduct real-time monitoring on nano-level particles (5-1000 nm). The performance is superior to the off-line monitoring products of KLA, Nanometrics, TSI, Aerodyne and other companies. The company's real-time gas monitoring products have high-speed, trace and high-resolution material analysis capability, strong anti-pollution performance, and can be monitored for a long time, which meets the engineering analysis performance requirements. The performance is superior to products of Inficon, MKS, AMETEK, Hiden Analytical and other companies. The company has a number of invention patents and many are being applied for. At present, it has become a supplier of leading enterprises such as Hynix and LG. It seeks a partial or full share sale of USD 37.4 million - 44.9 million.
Asia: South Korea

Korean semiconductor company seeks investment

The Korean company manufactures special semiconductor components and materials through an innovative process platform. So far the company has developed electrostatic discharge ("ESD") products, si-power products and sensor products. These products are fast, efficient and miniaturized. The company now seeks investment.
Asia: Singapore

Singaporean smart controller company seeks strategic investor to be listed on China's Growth Enterprise Market

The Singaporean listed company mainly engages in the production and sales of smart controllers. Its main production bases are in Malaysia and China and main customers are based in Europe. The company's annual sales revenue is USD 63-79 million while net profit is USD 1-1.25 million. Its net cash is over USD 36 million. Over the past 5 years, the company has over USD 21.63 million in dividends. The company seeks a Chinese strategic investor to be listed on China's Growth Enterprise Market in the next 3 years.
Asia: South Korea

Korean OLED lighting company seeks JV partners in China

The Korean company manufactures Organic Light Emitting Diodes ("OLED") high-end commercial lighting. Its original manufacturing process reduces the cost to one-tenth of that of competitors in the same industry. Now the company seeks to set up a joint venture in China with an estimated investment of USD 32 million.
Asia: South Korea

Korean semiconductors company seeks to sell its LCD business and set up a JV in China

The Korean company's business focuses on manufacturing liquid crystal display ("LCD") strippers, semiconductor strippers and chemical mechanical polishing ("CMP") pads for semiconductors. Currently, its clients include Boe Technology Group Cp., Ltd, LG and others, with annual sales of about USD 3.9 million and 25% operating profit.The company seeks to sell its LCD stripper business for USD 6 million. Additionally, the company seeks to set up a joint venture in China to produce semiconductor strippers and CMP pads for semiconductors.
Asia: Japan

Janpanese semiconductor company selling one of their wafer factories in Japan

The company plans to sell one of its wafer factories in Japan. The factory has a construction area of 100,000 square meters, a clean room of 20,000 square meters and an 8-inch wafer manufacturing capacity.
Asia: Japan

Japanese semicondutor company seeks 100% equity acquisition.

A Japanese company established in the 2010s, is a semiconductor production equipment enterprise in Kanto with more than 200 employees. The company has a manufacturing plant in East China and sales outlets in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Its main business is divided into the manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of semiconductor production equipment, display screen manufacturing equipment and film processing equipment. Its main customers are large display screen module manufacturers at home and abroad in Japan. The company has an annual revenue of about 1.3 billion RMB, an annual profit of about 86 million RMB. The company seeks 100% equity acquisition.
Europe: Sweden

Swedish Semiconductor company seeks Chinese partners and investment.

A third generation semiconductor silicon carbide R&D team from a number of R&D centers in Europe, with a number of technical patents, is now seeking to return to China.
Europe: Denmark

Danish semiconductor R&D company seeks partners in China

The company has a third-generation semiconductor Chinese R&D team, focusing on nano-sized surface treatment, and its core technology is the preparation of micro and nanostructures on GaN and SiC surfaces. Compared with the device without surface structure treatment of n-GaN, the light output power of vertical blue LED is at least doubled; The el of encapsulated LED devices is enhanced by > 17%; Suitable for different chip designs such as side flow, vertical, or thin-film flip-chip; The method is fast (< 1 hour), and its cost is low and can be used in a large area; Existing production lines can be used. The current founder seeks domestic partners.
Europe: Netherlands

Dutch radiofrequency technology company is seeking investment.

The team is an independent R&D group of a well-known semiconductor company in the Netherlands, in wireless communication, radio frequency technology and mixed signal processing. This project is suitable for listed or planned listed technology enterprises. The fast-forming European R&D center can effectively promote technology iteration and new product launch, and has independent core technology IP. The R&D team has Chinese technology leaders who have lived in Europe for many years as its core, and attracts high-level European R&D engineers. It can quickly form a R&D team of 6-10 people in 3-6 months, and the forming team can generally complete the design, development and testing of new products in 6-12 months. A mature 6-person R&D team probably has a budget of 4 million RMB/ year. The R&D center is recommended to settle in Eindhoven High-tech Park in the Netherlands.


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