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Europe: Greece

Greece company seeks buyers for its paper mill

The paper mill covers an area of about 40,000 square meters and is located in Aspropirgos Attica region. EUR 1.49 million is needed to maintain daily operation. The bank offered EUR 3.2 million to auction the factory, with a total sale amount of EUR 4.69 million, and the average share price per square meter is EUR 117.25, which is lower than the average selling price of industrial land in the region.
Europe: Britain

British medical equipment company with production in Shenzhen looking for investors to grow their buisiness in China

The company has developed a portfolio of wearable light sources for medical and consumer health applications. There are two distinct product lines. Two products are clinically proven and easy to use for the treatment of specific skin diseases such as non-melanoma skin cancer and acne. The product is manufactured in Shenzhen, and the distribution partner has been appointed in China. It is expected to be provided online in China through T-Mall soon.
Europe: Britain

UK medical equipment manufacturer with clinically proven blood circulation stimulation device seeking investors for expansion to the United States

The company has developed patented neuromuscular electrical stimulation technology and a product that has been clinically proven to increase blood circulation. The product is the size of a watch and is worn behind the knee. It will send a small electric pulse to gently stimulate the common peroneal nerve behind the knee, and then activate the calf and foot muscle pump of the calf to return the blood to the heart. The technique has been developed for the treatment of deep venous thrombosis, advanced wound care, preoperative and postoperative edema reduction, incontinence and athlete rehabilitation. In each clinical field, it improves the prognosis of patients and saves sanitation system resources. The company is raising £ 30-35 million to continue clinical development, product development and marketing in the United States, valued at £ 114 million.
Europe: Britain

Cambridge based biotech R&D firm with unparalleled track record looking for investors

The company is a Cambridge based biotechnology contract research and drug development company, which operates a mixed business model. The revenue is generated through its service business and the development of drug products. The company has an excellent track record in candidate drug delivery. It has a world-class discovery team, and its unparalleled track record shows that it has delivered one candidate drug on behalf of its customers every year in the past six years. Revenue in 2019 was approximately £ 6 million, of which 83% of sales came from a strong growing industrial customer base, which has now become the core of the business.
Europe: France

French medical device company seeking Chinese partners for market development

The company is a French medical device company, and its main business is research, development, production and sales of cervical cancer detection equipment, generating annual sales of over EUR 20 million with an EBITDA of 2 million euros.
Recently, the company is also actively studying covid testing equipment, and the test package developed by its wholly-owned subsidiary has been approved by the FDA, and has been included in the list of WHO licensed emergency use, and the test can be purchased worldwide within one year.
The company's cervical cancer detection equipment has been initially sold in China, where it hopes to find new partners, especially those with good resources in hospitals/laboratories/obstetricians and gynecologists.
Europe: Italy

Italian toy company seeking Chinese partner for controling stake

The toy company is a well-known STEAM toy brand in Italy, with a history of 70 years. The products are sold through retail channels in European and American countries and recognized by major educational institutions. At present, they have entered the Chinese market, including online and offline retail, and business with educational institutions. Its products, design and R&D have won relevant awards in Italy and the United States. The company's revenue in 2018 was 67.5 million yuan.
Europe: Italy

Italian brand for functional furniture and educational devices for childeren seeking Chinese partners

As an Italian children's home brand, the company's products include children's tables, wall home systems and many functional accessories, educational supplies, educational toys, and app educational content. The brand product integrates the design of the Montessori education concept and has repeatedly won European and American design awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award and American Parents’ Choice Awards. The products of this brand not only sell well in Europe and America, but also rank first in similar products on the T-mall platform in China. At present, the company has completed a seed round and A round of financing, with a total investment of 6.2 million euros.
Europe: Sweden

Swedish sheet metal components manufacturer in automotive seeking domestic investors.

The company is a century-old Swedish manufacturer producing high-quality sheet metal parts and components. The company's customers include Volvo, Scania, Haldex, Subaru , Meritor, etc. More than 50% of heavy trucks produced in Europe are using the parts provided by the company.
Europe: France

French wome's fashion label seeking strategic partners

The firm is a well-known French women's clothing brand, with more than 630 stores in 18 countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Belgium. The brand is for women aged 20 to 50, with high brand awareness and annual revenue of 600 million euros.
Europe: Italy

Italian lightning components manufacrurer seeking to sell 80% of its equity

Founded in 1945, the company is a company specializing in the production of die-casting aluminum alloy parts, with three factories in Italy. With many years of experience and reputation, it has developed into a world-class automotive secondary and tertiary supplier and became a strategic partner of the most important lighting system manufacturer in the automotive field. The company mainly includes two business departments:
The die casting business department independently designs various die-casting tools, and produces high-precision aluminum die-casting products, powder coatings, metallized reflectors and radiators.
The metal stamping business department independently designs progressive blanking dies and tools to produce metal parts related to automobile and electronic equipment.
The company's leading technologies are metal aluminum reflectors for automobile headlamps, radiators for LED lighting, and control elements and heat dissipation components, which are widely used in lighting, automobile, electronics, and general industry and aerospace.
In 2018, the company had a revenue of 213 million yuan, an EBITDA of 35.36 million yuan and a net profit after tax of 8.65 million yuan. Its main customers include large European automotive first-class suppliers, such as, Fiat, Valeo, Magna, etc. and is a long-term partner of many world-class lamp suppliers in the field of lamps.
Europe: Germany

German industrial resin manufacturer seeking partnerships

The subject manufactures and sells phenolic resin, melamine formaldehyde resin and amino resin, as well as related additives and adhesives for industrial, construction and insulation applications.
The subject was founded in 2014, headquartered in Germany, has 11 offices or branches in Europe, and has offices in the United States and Indonesia
The target's operating revenue in 2017 was 230 million euros, EBITDA was 24 million euros and has about 600 employees
Europe: Germany

German plastics precision parts maker with China operations seeking partnerships

The target manufactures and sells plastic precision parts for the automotive, medical, communication and industrial sectors worldwide.
The target was established in 1864, and is mainly engaged in plastic products. Its business scope includes the development, production and sales of key parts and electronic control systems of automobile engines and transmissions, and enjoys a world leading position in molding, injection molding and whole machine assembly. There is a production base in Taicang, China.
Its broad product portfolio covers products ranging from plastic and metal systems, footware, medical to auxiliary systems for automatic driving. At present, the main customers are automotive suppliers, accounting for about 80% of the operating revenue. The target reached a strategic partnership agreement with Adidas in 2019
In FY 2018, the target's 3453 employees successfully generated operating revenue of about 430 million euros (about 17% annual growth rate)


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