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Asia: Japan

Japanese LCD panel company wants to sell its Chinese subsidiary.

A Japanese LCD panel company plans to sell its Chinese subsidiary with annual sales of 60 million RMB.
Asia: Japan

Janpanese underwater camera manufacturer seeks 100% acquisition

The Japanese company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of underwater cameras and accessories. The company's annual sales volume is about 2.7 billion JPY and its EBITDA is about 60 million JPY. At present the company wants to sell its business.
Asia: Japan

Two Japanese automotive manufacturers seek combined acquisition.

Two Japanese companies that have good quality reputations are affiliated companies and hope to bundle up for sale. The first company is mainly engaged in the processing of automobile and agricultural machinery parts, such as the manufacturing of engine cylinders, gearbox, turbine shell, and other parts with high airtightness. The second company is mainly engaged in automobile parts manufacturing and coating. The acquisition price is about 200 million RMB.
Asia: Japan

Japanese pelvic correction company seeks 100% acquisition.

Japanese company was founded in the 2000s, located in Tokyo. It is mainly engaged in the operation of pelvic correction and yoga training services. Its main customers are high-income individuals aged 30 to 40. The company has 350 stores (including franchisees) worldwide, of which 86% are in Japan. The company's revenue in 2019 was 11.5 billion JPY and its EBITDA was 1.3 billion JPY. At present, the company wants to sell its business, and the acquisition price will not be less than 15 billion JPY.
Asia: Hong Kong

Medical and surgical robot company in Hong Kong seek $30 million for financing

The company is an international medical and surgical R&D robot start-up in Hong Kong, which is led by a strong management team, including 30 year-experienced personnel and other professionals in this field. The market scale of this field is expected to reach US $20 billion and a compound annual growth rate of more than 10% though 2020. Its product has many intellectual property rights, including a magnetic anchor robot system, robot manipulator, etc. The company is now focusing on the development of two revolutionary non-invasive robot systems and seeking $30 million in financing. The first is a disposable soft robot colonoscopy system for colorectal cancer diagnosis which has completed the animal clinical trials and human clinical trials are planned to be conducted in 2020 S2 and are expected to be put into commercial production in 2021. Another is a surgical robot system for colorectal, urological, and gynecological surgery. This robot system is the first in the market to provide forward and reverse surgery, it expands the application field of robot surgery to most abdominal and pelvic surgery processes. The product is now in the preparation stage of clinical trial and is expected to be put into commercial production before 2023.
Asia: Singapore

Singaporean construction company seeks investment

Singaporean integrated building service company has the highest level of "general construction" and "civil engineering" licenses. Through these two licenses, the company can undertake projects of unlimited scale. Most of the company's projects are residential. The company also has operations in Malaysia.
Asia: Korea

Korean battery detection equipment R&D company seeks minority acquisition

The Korean company founded in 2008 is internationally leading in the production of secondary battery equipment, mainly for new energy vehicles (NEV). The detection efficiency of the equipment is as high as 300 pieces / min, or about twice that of similar competitors, with a detection rate above 99%. Moreover, the company has core software technology for X-ray inspection equipment. The major shareholders accounts for 40%, which is available for block trading and convertible bonds. At present, the overall valuation of the listed company is one billion KRW (about USD 830,000).
Asia: Japan

Japanese Aluminum die casting company seeks 100% acquisition.

The company is mainly engaged in aluminum die casting business in the capital circle of Japan. At present, it has 300 employees. Last year's sales was 5-6 billion JPY, with a net profit of 200-300 million JPY and EBITDA of 300-400 million JPY. The firm seeks to sell 100% of its shares.
Asia: Japan

Japanese AI robot company seeks M&A

The company is an AI robot company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Tokyo. The company is mainly engaged in the R&D of new home robots.
Asia: Korea

Korean warehouse equipment manufacture seeks project financing

The company was founded in 1973 and its main business is to manufacture special equipment such as forklift truck and pallet truck. Among its 8,000 customers are leading enterprises in various industries such as Hyundai, Samsung, Lotte, LG, Coca Cola, etc. Since 2018, the company restructured its main business around AI powered forklift truck and warehouse vehicles, for which it seeks to sell convertible bonds or stocks of 1.5 ~ 1.7b KRW (about USD 1.25 to 1.42 million)
Asia: Japan

Janpanese R&D battery company seeks M&A

The Japanese start-up has been engaged in the R&D of lithium batteries for 10 years. According to the experimental data, it can increase the electric vehicle's driving range by 100%. The company mainly provides technical support for large companies. Its annual sales is about 100 million JPY (about 6.5 million RMB). At present, it is planned to carry out full mass production of battery cathode materials for a market that supports scaling the current business by 10x to 100x.
Asia: Japan

Japanese data information company seeks buyers for its Asian business.

The company established in 1994 with a registered capital of about US $4 million is one of the first Japanese enterprises engaged in the development and sales of digital map technology, which is a monopoly industry in Japan due to the high technical threshold. Its customers include automobile manufacturers (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc.), communication enterprises (NTT, NEC, KDDI, etc.), and electrical appliance manufacturers (Sony, Fujitsu, etc.). The company's products have a monopoly market share and product coverage in emerging markets in Asia. The company is willing to sell its business in Asia, which is developing and selling digital map products and providing regional big data information.


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