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Project details

Israeli medical company seeks investment.

Project region Israel
Industry Healthcare
Total value of the target N/A
Expected target net rate of return after deducting all taxes and fees N/A
Validity period of pending order 365


  • Simon Laube

    Simon Laube

    Assistant Manager, International Business Advisory

Project highlights Ophthalmology medical - CE-certified III drug & clinical evidence - increase compliance
Project description

The Israeli medical company has a product that is a microemulsion composed of phospholipids and triglycerides. It can form a tear film like elastic lipid shield to improve vision. It is a CE-certified III drug. Project is designated for post-operative ophthalmic surgery (e.g., refractive surgery, cataract surgery, and corneal transplantation), corneal erosion, and dry eye syndrome. This product is the only product on the eye drops market with clinical evidence that corneal epithelium thickens again after mechanical, traumatic, and surgical epithelial loss. As a microemulsion carrier, the technology can be used as a drug delivery platform in the pre-clinical stage. Its unique pharmaceutical advantages include a longer contact time between drug and eye surface which can increase compliance. The company seeks investment.

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