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Europe: Germany

Mass Hands Sanitizer

A machine for hand-sanitizing to be located in public areas (e.g. airports, schools) and events (e.g. fairs, stadiums, etc.) in order to contain and prevent COVID-19 while minimizing waste from empty disinfectant bottles and avoiding the need to recycle them.
Europe: Rome

AI company in Rome seeks partners and investment.

The company has a new industrial asset maintenance method that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to prevent faults, prolong asset life cycle and reduce maintenance cost. This is a cloud based data prediction engine, which can extract the extraordinary correlation between monitoring data and asset behavior, predict future faults, classify assets according to operation behavior, rank the performance of individual assets according to similar groups, and provide maintenance planning tasks according to priority.
The company-led Intelligent Bridge project is a real-time infrastructure anomaly monitoring system based on deep machine learning and Al. As a famous accelerator project in Europe (won the European Amsterdam Gold Medal of the Year), the company is recommended to participate in the 2019 China IASIC semiconductor special competition and obtain excellent results.
"Intelligent Bridge System" independently developed by the company: signed a 200,000 Euro contract with the Italian national autonomous highway group for the development and integration of intelligent bridge solutions and their national control rooms.
The company has established a technical and commercial partnership with SWS engineering to develop the Italian and international intelligent road monitoring market
Europe: Netherlands/India

Dutch VOD platform provider in the seeks partners and investment.

The European VOD platform provider focuses on providing international original video customers with the best access in the European user market.
-Using the convenient OTT video on demand platform, the exclusive European mainstream set-top box is connected to the network, with high European coverage.
-Seamlessly open subscription services, and various tools and technologies are readily available to support the sustainable development of video business. The customer only needs to focus on content, and all other matters are left to the company.
The company is the best choice for Chinese video content access to the European market: it has strategic cooperation with Youku and signed strategic contracts with Bilibili and CCTV respectively in 2019.
Europe: Netherlands

Dutch Bluetooth and GNSS company providing IP authorization services seeks investment

The company was founded in 2015 and separated from Delft University of technology. It is an independent company. In the fourth quarter of 2016, Bluetooth IP was launched and received the first revenue from Dutch customers.
In 2019, they launched their first product, an ultra-low power GNSS chip system (SoC), which is mainly used in the Internet of things (IoT) market.
Europe: Netherlands

Dutch AI company seeks market development.

European company, a well-known domestic navigation enterprise, and Eindhoven University of Technology jointly incubate, based on the real-time deep learning algorithm of camera and radar system, committed to the development of the next generation of integrated automatic driving artificial intelligence system and all kinds of intelligent real-time decision system based on sensors.
Europe: Germany

German 3D animation and film studio wants to establish a Joint Venture and seeks investment.

Germany's famous 3D animation and film studio is committed to high-quality digital image technology. It was created by the creative director of the former well-known studio and its representative work is Avatar; At present, the first phase of cooperation with Tencent Timi Studio Group has been completed;
The company's unique software and hardware combined production tools, based on more than 20 years of accumulated and production experience in the film and television industry (Hollywood), can not be replaced and copied in a short time, and can be widely used in animation films (such as Nezha), games and advertising industries.
Europe: Sweden

Swedish Semiconductor company seeks Chinese partners and investment.

A third generation semiconductor silicon carbide R&D team from a number of R&D centers in Europe, with a number of technical patents, is now seeking to return to China.
Europe: Finland

Finnish wave energy company seeks investment.

The company provides Finnish wave power generation equipment and technology, which is currently at the world leading level. At present, the power generation cost is about 1 yuan / kWh (Pacific region). If localization is realized, the power generation cost will be further reduced and can be widely applied to offshore platforms, islands and marine aquaculture. The project has completed the experiment of two generations of products with good results. It is expected to complete the installation and commissioning of 800MW unit this year.
Europe: Finland

Electirc vehicle manufacturer in Finland seeks investment.

As an electric sports car manufacturer, the company pioneered a revolutionary high-performance 48V power assembly, which can output 1300 + horsepower. In 2015, the company released the world's first 1 MW concept super sports car, which is 4-wheel drive, takes only 8.8 seconds from 0 to 300km / h, and can quickly replace the battery. The brand has received 2.2 billion global visits, and the brand valuation is about US $23 million. The world's top design and R&D team has polished the products in place from 2015 to 2020, and the round A financing will be used for vehicle mass production.
Core design modules (patents) include:
-48V super safe motor
-Energy electronic module
-Fast switching 48V battery (with Chinese patent)
-Fast switching and charging station
-Power assembly: it can be used in automobile, aviation, trucks, etc.
Europe: Netherlands

Dutch semiconductor company seeks investment for their new products-WIFI6 Bluetooth.

The semiconductor company, former part of Philips Semiconductor, provides chip development services in wireless communications, RF technology, analog and mixed signal processing, vehicle radio broadcasting and other fields. The European technology team is located in the Netherlands and its members have more than 10 years of RF industrial product R&D experience. Based on nearly 30 years of R&D accumulation, the company plans to develop a new generation of Bluetooth chip (TWS, SOC). The company has a mature WiFi 5 underlying architecture system, and has carried out some WiFi 6 architecture research and development in 2019, which will be regarded as the strategic goal of the first phase. At the same time, it will continue to provide technical services for existing and potential domestic customers and explore the possibility of in-depth cooperation. The initial R&D team is expected to be 20 people in Europe and 10 in China. With the development of product R&D, the domestic team plans to expand rapidly, so as to realize rapid iteration at the digital end and application end. The European team will grow steadily, mainly focusing on the R&D of core RF technology, mass production of products and subsequent application end operation and maintenance, all of which are located in China. At present, it is planned to achieve rapid growth of at least two main lines of business within five years and plan to be listed.
Europe: Germany

German autoimmune disease IVD company seeks investment.

The company mainly develops and produces autoimmune disease diagnostic reagent products for early detection, diagnosis and prediction of autoimmune diseases. At present, the company has introduced more than 150 products in the field of diagnostic reagents. Main diagnostics include rheumatology, thrombosis, gastroenterology, vasculitis, thyroid, diabetes, liver disease and lyme disease ELISA detection, immunofluorescence based on cell and tissue slides, and IFA. With more than 200 employees in 20 countries and sales in more than 90 countries.
Europe: Germany

German biological IVD company seeks investment.

The company was founded in Germany and is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of high-end diagnostic system solutions. At present, the global market has covered more than 100 countries and more than 90 kinds of clinical chemical and reaction reagents. The company's revenue in fiscal year 18 / 19 exceeded 60 million euros, of which 80% came from reaction reagents and 20% from testing instruments.
At present, the company has more than 500 employees and more than 200 employees in its headquarters in Germany. The company has R&D institutions in Germany, France, India and China.


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