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Europe: Spain

Spanish freight forwarder company seeks 100 % equity acquisitions.

The company is a Spanish freight forwarding company with a history of 40 years. The current shareholders of the company are approaching the retirement age. They are looking for a suitable acquirer to lead the group into the next growth stage.
1. In the past few years, the group's sales revenue has achieved double-digit growth, with a global transportation volume of 84,000 standard containers. The group has become one of the main service providers in the Spanish market
2. 93% of the export containers transported by the group are exported from Spain
3. The group has a superior core geographical location and can efficiently provide customers with first-class logistics services
4. More than 1300 customers have maintained long-term cooperative relations for an average of more than 10 years
5. The total number of employees of the group is about 85
6. Revenue and EBITDA in 2018 were € 65.8 million and € 4 million respectively.


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