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Europe: Sweden

Swedish Semiconductor company seeks Chinese partners and investment.

A third generation semiconductor silicon carbide R&D team from a number of R&D centers in Europe, with a number of technical patents, is now seeking to return to China.
Europe: Denmark

Danish semiconductor R&D company seeks partners in China

The company has a third-generation semiconductor Chinese R&D team, focusing on nano-sized surface treatment, and its core technology is the preparation of micro and nanostructures on GaN and SiC surfaces. Compared with the device without surface structure treatment of n-GaN, the light output power of vertical blue LED is at least doubled; The el of encapsulated LED devices is enhanced by > 17%; Suitable for different chip designs such as side flow, vertical, or thin-film flip-chip; The method is fast (< 1 hour), and its cost is low and can be used in a large area; Existing production lines can be used. The current founder seeks domestic partners.
Europe: Netherlands

Dutch radiofrequency technology company is seeking investment.

The team is an independent R&D group of a well-known semiconductor company in the Netherlands, in wireless communication, radio frequency technology and mixed signal processing. This project is suitable for listed or planned listed technology enterprises. The fast-forming European R&D center can effectively promote technology iteration and new product launch, and has independent core technology IP. The R&D team has Chinese technology leaders who have lived in Europe for many years as its core, and attracts high-level European R&D engineers. It can quickly form a R&D team of 6-10 people in 3-6 months, and the forming team can generally complete the design, development and testing of new products in 6-12 months. A mature 6-person R&D team probably has a budget of 4 million RMB/ year. The R&D center is recommended to settle in Eindhoven High-tech Park in the Netherlands.


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