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Europe: Europe

Metal molding company in Europe seeks investment or acquisition.

The company is a leading technology developer and manufacturer of advanced metal casting molds in Europe. Its molds can cast highly complex metal geometries, mainly used in the automotive industry. The company has world-class expertise and can develop and manufacture the most complex and advanced molds in all processes and materials: casting materials include light metals (aluminum, magnesium) and cast iron (gray cast iron and vermicular cast iron). As a solution provider, the target company has the most advanced engineering, development, process simulation, manufacturing, project management and service capabilities. As a key technology supplier in the global automotive industry, the company's customers include well-known vehicle manufacturers and parts suppliers in the global passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle market. The company's molds are used in the production of various vehicle system components. The mold is not only used for traditional fuel vehicles, but also widely used in new energy vehicles. The company has good prospects: Electric and hybrid vehicles need new precision casting parts; Enterprises use more cast structural parts to reduce vehicle weight; Strict environmental regulations put forward requirements for advanced professional knowledge of enterprises; The demand for complex parts in the heavy vehicle market is growing; At present, the integration of mold casting market provides opportunities for future growth.
Europe: Europe

European footwear company seeks investment or acquisition.

The company is a European manufacturer of comfortable and fashionable footwear products with a long history and has a number of technologies to improve the comfort of shoes. It has direct offices in some Eurasian countries, sells through distributors in other European countries, and sells through license agreements in some Asian countries. The sales channels of the company's products mainly include footwear retail stores, single brand stores and online shopping malls. The company provides the following products: Women's shoes: including sandals, flip flops, indoor slippers, sports shoes, casual shoes, flat shoes, slope heels and boots; Men's shoes: including sports shoes, moccasin shoes, sandals and beach shoes; Environmental protection series: mainly wooden soled shoes.
Europe: Europe

European injection molding machine sales company seeks Chinese investors.

The company is a European injection molding machine sales and service provider. The company is very suitable for Chinese investors to use the company's sales channels to enter the European market. As a traditional brand, the company's customers are mainly medium-sized companies from automobile and other industrial industries. At present, the company has nearly 400 active customers. The company is also the exclusive sales and development partner of some Asian manufacturers in Europe. The company has the following investment highlights: it has high-quality employees with many years of experience in the field of injection molding machines; It occupies a leading market position in the European market and has the exclusive sales and service right of advanced machines; With professional hardware and software knowledge, the company can realize personalized customer needs; Establish close relationship with well-known customers through traditional high-end machine brands; After investment, foreign investors can use the company's channels to enter the European market.
Europe: Europe

Shareholder of the clock manufacturing in Europe wants to sell all their shares.

The company is a small watch manufacturer in Europe, which has its own brand and mainly produces watches. The price of quartz watches of the company is about 300-900 Euros, and the price of automatic and manual mechanical watches is about 800-2500 Euros. The company also holds most shares in a precision instrument factory, which is engaged in parts manufacturing, surface treatment and engineering technology development of mechanical watch movement. The company's brand sales network is all over the world, with nearly 1000 professional retailers and jewelers in China, and its products are sold to dozens of countries around the world. The company's brand has won many awards at home and abroad. The company mainly has the following products: quartz watch, mechanical watch, pocket watch. The company's shareholders plan to sell all their shares (including brand and all assets).
Europe: Europe

European carbon fiber processing company seek Chinese partners and acquisition.

The company is an advanced carbon fiber processing company in Europe, specializing in resin transfer molding technology for the production of fiber composites, with a particular focus on the development and production of supporting and single component workflows. The company has high-quality customer resources, including BMW, Porsche, Tesla, Mercedes and so on. The company's production tasks are completed by resin transfer molding robot, the company has the robot patent, that is, the production process of one-time molding technology, surface treatment technology and mold manufacturing capacity. The company's products are mainly used in the following fields: aerospace, military, automobile, motorcycle and electrical parts, helmets and sports equipment. The company provides product design, mold manufacturing and tool and mold forming services. The company is now looking for investors and willing to sell part of its stake in return for an exclusive technology license from the Chinese partner. The company wants Chinese investors to have the ability to develop sales channels in the Chinese market.
Europe: Europe

European blockchain-based VR platform is looking for investment.

An existing Blockchain-based VR platform in Europe that provides high quality VR content for music and entertainment is seeking funding.The platform has the following characteristics: users can watch real-time or demand real concerts in VR; Users can choose different camera angles to experience the concert in their favorite location; Users can purchase a single song or a whole concert in the application (both IOS and Android platforms have been launched) or on the platform website; Users can enter the coupon code and enjoy the selected content for free. The platform launched ICO globally last year and has raised millions of euros so far. The platform issues its own virtual currency, which can be used to pay on the website or in the application to buy the content you want to see. Virtual currency owners can enjoy lower prices and exclusive access to additional content. The first test of the platform has been completed, and the cooperation talks with many record companies and well-known artists is also progressing smoothly. Now the platform seeks financing to further promote the follow-up cooperation with Viacom.
Europe: Europe

European suspension and temperature control technology company seeks Chinese partners and investment.

The company is a leading European suspension and temperature control technology company for air cushion annealing furnace, with property rights of suspension technology and temperature control software technology. The company uses air cushion transmission method in the application of drying furnace for aluminum, steel and others. Because it is not limited by the physical properties of materials, it can greatly increase the length of drying furnace and improve production efficiency. In terms of air cushion transmission technology, the company uses proprietary suspension technology, which has a wider range of applications. In terms of temperature control system, the company has a complete set of mathematical models for temperature control: for the strip heat treatment process, the company accurately controls the drying speed and material temperature to ensure the quality of material polymerization and the smoothness and structure of material surface; For air cushion annealing furnace, the company can accurately control the temperature in various links such as heating, insulation and rapid cooling; For alloy materials, the company's accurate temperature control can ensure the hardness and plasticity of materials. The company hopes to find strategic partners in China, in which the production link needs to be in the charge of Chinese partners. The company provides design, technical support and relevant training. The two sides form an exclusive cooperative relationship to jointly carry out business in China and Europe.
Europe: Europe

European steam boiler manufacturers looking for Chinese agents.

The company is a well-known steam boiler manufacturer in Europe, focusing on producing fast and efficient automatic steam boilers according to the principle of water tube boilers. The pressure system consist of heating coil, and the water is supplied by piston pump. The company's clients include internationally renowned companies from various industries. At present, it has sales and service partners in more than 100 countries around the world. The company's products have been applied in star hotels, hospitals, food processing enterprises and breweries in China. In Asia, the company can be used in the service and textile industries, health care and pharmaceutical industries, food and beverage industries, automobile and construction industries. The company's main products include steam generator, complete steam boiler system, multi steam boiler system and mobile container steam system. Highlights of the company's steam boiler products include: Energy conservation and emission reduction; Compared with the traditional boiler system, the quality of steam is significantly improved; Short start-up heating time; Automatic pressure and power adjustment, energy consumption and load matching; Small size, easy maintenance and simple operation.
Europe: Europe

European cloud company seeks investment and acquisition.

The company is an expert in the European data center and cloud market. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to promoting innovative technologies focusing on sustainable development and information security. The company develops and operates energy-efficient, secure, scalable IT infrastructure and data center solutions for utility companies. The company has opened up a new business model and revenue source for the global public utilities. The key technology of the company lies in the hot water cooling technology, which uses the imported hot water to cool the IT equipment in the data center. The company can efficiently collect the server waste heat and convert it into an environmentally friendly heating source to realize waste heat recovery and reuse. The company mainly has two major data center products: micro data center: it can be formed on a single machine and used in office space, or it can be planned to be used in large-scale and highly flexible data center construction projects. Container data center: a multi-purpose solution specially designed for data center projects with rapid deployment and high mobility requirements.
Europe: Europe

European machinery manufacturing seeks investment or acquisition.

The company is a European clamping device solution supplier, providing customers with firm, universal and stable clamping device and system solutions in high-precision dimensional control and management. The company has become a global supplier with a number of patented inventions. Its technical R&D team can provide complete solutions from development, design, procurement, assembly, measurement and control to after-sales service at any time. The target company has four unique solutions and patented technologies. The products of the company are mainly used in the automotive industry, aerospace, plastic industry and general manufacturing fields. The main customers and partners are world-famous automobile OEMs and spare parts manufacturers.
Europe: Germany

German biomedicine company seeks investment.

The company is a chip laboratory for virus microbial detection, focusing on the timely diagnosis equipment of single molecule sensitivity. Its advantages are
1 single molecule sensitivity: direct single molecule counting without nucleic acid extraction or PCR amplification
2 data analysis network security: safe and convenient desensitization data sharing, convenient for users to build a real-time infectious disease monitoring network
3. Covering large range in single test: up to 120 kinds of viral microorganisms can be detected in a single test, covering almost all viruses, bacteria and parasites endangering human health
4. 15 minutes from the sample to the result: it can respond quickly to the epidemic and formulate treatment and isolation plans
5. Low cost (8 yuan / time / microorganism)
The company has a patented technology, which is the industry's only multi fluorescent labeling coding technology, can detect all dangerous viruses and microorganisms in the human body and make immediate diagnosis at the bedside. It is 40 times cheaper and 20 times faster than the existing scheme. It is predicted that it will occupy 6.3-10.5 billion in infectious disease diagnosis. The company is currently the only molecular diagnostic company that can balance high flux, fast, low cost and accuracy. The company is also a an all-platform company, earning revenue from equipment, consumables, customized development fees and third-party licensing fees. The company is a global innovation company, R&D in Germany and made in China.
Europe: Denmark

Danish semiconductor R&D company seeks partners in China

The company has a third-generation semiconductor Chinese R&D team, focusing on nano-sized surface treatment, and its core technology is the preparation of micro and nanostructures on GaN and SiC surfaces. Compared with the device without surface structure treatment of n-GaN, the light output power of vertical blue LED is at least doubled; The el of encapsulated LED devices is enhanced by > 17%; Suitable for different chip designs such as side flow, vertical, or thin-film flip-chip; The method is fast (< 1 hour), and its cost is low and can be used in a large area; Existing production lines can be used. The current founder seeks domestic partners.


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