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Project details

European cloud company seeks investment and acquisition.

Project region Europe
Industry Cloud & Data service
Total value of the target N/A
Expected target net rate of return after deducting all taxes and fees N/A
Validity period of pending order 365


  • Simon Laube

    Simon Laube

    Assistant Manager, International Business Advisory

Project highlights Interested in looking for strategic partners / sales
Project description

The company is an expert in the European data center and cloud market. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to promoting innovative technologies focusing on sustainable development and information security. The company develops and operates energy-efficient, secure, scalable IT infrastructure and data center solutions for utility companies. The company has opened up a new business model and revenue source for the global public utilities. The key technology of the company lies in the hot water cooling technology, which uses the imported hot water to cool the IT equipment in the data center. The company can efficiently collect the server waste heat and convert it into an environmentally friendly heating source to realize waste heat recovery and reuse. The company mainly has two major data center products: micro data center: it can be formed on a single machine and used in office space, or it can be planned to be used in large-scale and highly flexible data center construction projects. Container data center: a multi-purpose solution specially designed for data center projects with rapid deployment and high mobility requirements.

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