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Europe: Portugal

Investment Opportunity - Portuguese Company for Sale

This is a great opportunity for investment in a company that sells equipment, materials for hotels, restaurants, refectories, canteens…
Australia: Australia

Healthcare, Innovative aid for tube feeding in people - Australia firm Seeking Investment

Family owned business for sale that has a simple and practical adhesive patented product, like a band aid, that alleviates the need for adhesive tape to apply a feeding tube to a body part, mainly a nasal gastric feeding tube.
Central America: Panama

Jewels & Jewellery - Panama firm Seeking Investment

Swiss company, owner of jewels and producer of jewellery would like to deposited jewels and/or jewellery within a financial or similar licensed institution. On the deposited material a loan shall be given in the range of 30% of the deposited value, for an interest rate of 2-3%. All numbers are tradable! Loan facility 10-100mio.
Australia: Australia

Australian online women's fashion retail business

Owner has built up the business & does not want to run a large scale operation and have to manage people. She wants to start a family and cannot give the business the attention it deserves moving forward.


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