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David Niu Invited to Speak at HR Summit & Presentation of the German Chamber’s 16th Labor Market and Salary Report

On Thursday, August 24, David Niu, Partner and Head of HR & Payroll Services at Dezan Shira & Associates in Beijing, delivered an insightful presentation titled ‘Effective Utilization of Technology to Enhance Human Resources and Salary Management’ at the HR summit organized by the German Chamber of Commerce in North China.

For the 16th consecutive year, the German Chamber of Commerce has provided its member companies with the ‘Labor Market and Salary Report’. This benchmark publication examines the current developments in China’s job market, including a thorough review of wage and salary trends, and a forecast for 2024.

In his presentation at the HR Summit, David delved into the most recent policy changes concerning HR and payroll in China. He proceeded to highlight specific regulatory updates and shed light on new trends within the evolving HR landscape. Furthermore, he discussed how companies could benefit from utilizing technology to enhance the recruitment process, employee benefits and health management, automated salary calculation and payment, and data analysis and reporting in this transformative era.

David Niu remarked, “The rising demands for cross-border HR & Payroll management solutions in the Chinese market and the other Asian markets, with its multitude of cultures, economies, and regulatory systems, offers both extraordinary opportunities and distinct challenges. A cloud-based software with highly configurable features can help the company to streamline the process, maintain compliance, and effectively navigate the complex employee lifecycle and varying rules and payroll cycles across different regions.”

About Dezan Shira & Associates HR & Payroll Service Capabilities

With decades of on-the-ground cross-border business services experience, Dezan Shira & Associates possesses extensive experience in HR and payroll management in China and Asian markets. Our team has developed asiaadmin®, a Human Resources Management (HRM) software that streamlines our HR and payroll operations across various countries. It holds potential in supporting the China+ business model and advancing into a comprehensive cross-border HR and payroll management platform.

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