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Bruno Hernandez and Mosley Li Discuss Manpower and Employment Regulations in China at Swiss China Business Academy (2023-2024)

On Thursday, May 23rd, Bruno Hernandez, Senior Associate of International Business Advisory, and Mosley Li, Assistant Manager of Human Resources Administration and Payroll at Dezan Shira & Associates, participated in a discussion session hosted by the Swiss China Business Academy (SCBA). The session shed light on the intricacies of recruitment and human resource management in China.

In a recent webinar hosted by the SCBA, Bruno Hernandez and Mosley Li shared invaluable insights into various aspects of employment regulations in China. From understanding manpower expenses to navigating visa arrangements for foreign staff, the discussion covered essential considerations for businesses operating in the region. Their expertise provided attendees with practical guidance for managing human resources effectively in the Chinese market.

The webinar began with an in-depth overview of manpower expenses across major economic mega-regions in China. Bruno and Mosley emphasized the unique dynamics in regions such as Jing-jin-Ji (encompassing Beijing, Tianjin, and North China), the Yangtze River Delta region (including Shanghai, Suzhou, and Kunshan), and the Greater Bay Area (comprising Guangzhou and Shenzhen). Understanding these nuances is crucial for businesses to effectively manage their human resource costs and optimize operations.

The discussion highlighted key considerations when hiring local employees in compliance with labor contracts. It covered elements such as contract terms, job responsibilities, employee protection, remuneration, disciplinary measures, termination procedures, and breach liability. Additionally, the session detailed the necessary steps for employing both local and foreign nationals in China, including visa arrangements and types –an essential aspect for businesses seeking international talent. Furthermore, the conversation delved into social insurance schemes for employees in China, addressing various insurances and employer contributions. Notably, rates for these schemes can vary from one city to another.

In addition, the webinar explored employment contracts and labor disputes, emphasizing proactive measures to mitigate disputes. By implementing robust practices, enhancing transparency, and fostering communication, business can uphold legal compliance and improve employee satisfaction.

In summary, the webinar underscored Dezan Shira & Associates’ commitment to offering comprehensive insights and essential considerations regarding manpower expenses and employment regulations in China. These insights are invaluable for businesses expanding their operations in the region, helping them achieve success and sustainable growth.

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