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Partner Kyle Freeman Joins our HCMC Office to Develop US Business in Vietnam

  • Partner, Kyle Freeman, has relocated to Dezan Shira & Associates’ Ho Chi Minh City office
  • As Head of the North American desk, Kyle will be better positioned to assist US and Canadian clients as they expand their Asia footprint beyond China, into greater Asia
  • Dezan Shira & Associates’ own Vietnam operations have recently expanded with a new office in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City this year

Partner and Head of North American desk, Kyle Freeman, relocated in mid-October from Dezan Shira & Associates’ Beijing office to our Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam office. The transition is part of our growing presence in Vietnam and the ASEAN region, and will allow us to better assist clients pursuing a China plus One strategy, as well as allow Kyle to travel internationally to reconnect with partners and clients.

Kyle arrives in Ho Chi Minh City in time for Vietnamese Women’s Day (Oct. 20)

Kyle spent eight years with our Beijing International Business Advisory team assisting clients from across the world set up, operate and expand in China, and another three years working with trade organizations in the country prior to joining Dezan Shira & Associates. As an expert in Chinese business advisory and current head of the International Business Advisory team, Kyle will continue to work with clients both in Beijing and China, while in his new role in Vietnam and ASEAN.

He comments on his relocation, “Along with our clients, we have grown rapidly in both Vietnam and ASEAN during the past several years. We see a lot of opportunities in these markets, so I am excited to be on-the-ground working with our clients and teams in the region. I also look forward to having the opportunity to travel to the US; as well as to our other offices in Asia, more frequently.”

The Rising Potential of South and Southeast Asia

The markets of South / Southeast Asia are increasingly becoming critical markets for businesses looking outside of China for supply chain solutions. Their advantageous location and relative-low costs make them ideal China Plus One destinations to complement Chinese operations.

For US businesses in particular, the region is increasingly becoming more attractive. The US became India’s top trading partner in 2021 with a record US$ 157 billion in total trade. Furthermore, while the US was the largest buyer of Vietnamese products last year, US goods and services with the Southeast Asian ASEAN trade bloc as a whole reached US$ 362.2 billion in 2020.

Consumer markets in this region are also continuing to develop, providing domestic market potential to companies who set up local operations. Indonesia’s nascent middle class as a prime example, already has over 70 million people in it – the size of the entirety of some large economies (e.g., Italy).

The flourishing potential of the region is reflected in our own firm’s growth. The expansion of our Vietnamese offices in both Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City have necessitated the relocation to larger offices in the central business districts of each city. Meanwhile, the firm is also expanding its ASEAN team to accommodate the increase of companies seeking alternatives or supplements to their Chinese supply chains.

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