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Riccardo Benussi Attends the Business & Investment Forum Special Region of Yogyakarta in Frankfurt, Germany

On the 16th of September, our Director for Europe, Riccardo Benussi, attended the Business & Investment Forum Special Region of Yogyakarta held by the Consulate General of Indonesia in collaboration with the IHK Frankfurt am Main and the German-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (AHK).

Riccardo joined German investors, AHK representatives, and the Consul General of Indonesia, to discuss opportunities for German companies to invest in Indonesia, with special discussions highlighting eight promising investment zones in the country and favourable investment sectors such as waste management and energy.

Indonesia is actively climbing up the global value chain to become a go to investment destination in ASEAN, soon rivalling locations such as Vietnam and Singapore. Its recent ratification of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), spot as the only ASEAN member of the G20, and predictions by the World Bank to become the fourth largest economy in the world by 2050 positions Indonesia well. Combined with the strong relationship the country has had with Germany over the last 70 years, Indonesia has become a top contender for German investment, a trend noticed by Dezan Shira’s German Desk.

As Head of the German Desk, Riccardo commented “Indonesia is attracting more attention every year and EU governments have been paying high profile but factual visits there, to connect their SMEs to the booming Indonesian economy. We receive an increasing number of requests for Indonesia ranging from market access studies to taxation matters, which are always the bedrock for incoming FDI. The opening of two Indonesia offices in Jakarta and Batam, have allowed us to serve this growing client interest in the country over the years.”

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