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Guilherme Campos Hosts Panel on Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategy for SMEs

On September 3 2021, Guilherme Campos, International Business Advisory Manager, hosted a panel at the 5th HR Summit in Shenzhen, organized by the German Chamber of Commerce in China – South & Southwest, with discussion about how SMEs can acquire and retain talents.

Led by Guilherme, four HR representatives from different manufacturing SMEs across the Greater Bay Area (GBA) shared their company culture, introduced a few practical solutions to typical talent acquisition and retention problems for enterprises with limited budgets, and shared their thoughts on popular HR topics such as China’s famous “996” (working from 9AM-9PM, six days per week) work culture, work-life balance, hiring foreign employees under Covid-19 travel restrictions, motivating long time employees, engaging flexible working hours for unfavorable company location etc.

Guilherme Campos Hosts Panel on Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategy for SMEs

As a lawyer and the only expat in the group, Guilherme also shared his personal experience crossing the border and dealing with clients’ HR cases. In the end he concluded, “It is a large challenge for companies to keep all of their talents in this competitive market, but there are methods for keeping your turnover rate low and retaining key employees. For example, investing in employees through training programs, conducting internal recruitment, building and enhancing your company culture, or engaging experienced recruiters that you trust. ”

Guilherme Campos Hosts Panel on Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategy for SMEs 1

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