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Europe: Europe

European footwear company seeks investment or acquisition.

The company is a European manufacturer of comfortable and fashionable footwear products with a long history and has a number of technologies to improve the comfort of shoes. It has direct offices in some Eurasian countries, sells through distributors in other European countries, and sells through license agreements in some Asian countries. The sales channels of the company's products mainly include footwear retail stores, single brand stores and online shopping malls. The company provides the following products: Women's shoes: including sandals, flip flops, indoor slippers, sports shoes, casual shoes, flat shoes, slope heels and boots; Men's shoes: including sports shoes, moccasin shoes, sandals and beach shoes; Environmental protection series: mainly wooden soled shoes.
Europe: France

French wome's fashion label seeking strategic partners

The firm is a well-known French women's clothing brand, with more than 630 stores in 18 countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Belgium. The brand is for women aged 20 to 50, with high brand awareness and annual revenue of 600 million euros.


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