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Europe: Netherlands/India

Dutch VOD platform provider in the seeks partners and investment.

The European VOD platform provider focuses on providing international original video customers with the best access in the European user market.
-Using the convenient OTT video on demand platform, the exclusive European mainstream set-top box is connected to the network, with high European coverage.
-Seamlessly open subscription services, and various tools and technologies are readily available to support the sustainable development of video business. The customer only needs to focus on content, and all other matters are left to the company.
The company is the best choice for Chinese video content access to the European market: it has strategic cooperation with Youku and signed strategic contracts with Bilibili and CCTV respectively in 2019.
Europe: Germany

German 3D animation and film studio wants to establish a Joint Venture and seeks investment.

Germany's famous 3D animation and film studio is committed to high-quality digital image technology. It was created by the creative director of the former well-known studio and its representative work is Avatar; At present, the first phase of cooperation with Tencent Timi Studio Group has been completed;
The company's unique software and hardware combined production tools, based on more than 20 years of accumulated and production experience in the film and television industry (Hollywood), can not be replaced and copied in a short time, and can be widely used in animation films (such as Nezha), games and advertising industries.
Europe: Croatia

Croatian processing and manufacturing company with a long-history seeks financial support and land expansion.

Founded in 1916, the company has long been synonymous with high-quality tableware, kitchenware, woodworking machinery, tools and industrial knifes. The company has complete tableware production facilities, with an annual output of more than 10 million pieces, about 300 workers and an abundant plant area. It provides a full range of training services for workers, including component installation, equipment installation, start-up, industrial consulting and other services. It has long-term cooperation with famous companies such as Stihl, Villeroy & Boch, Rosenthal and Sheffield Metals in the UK, and exports different products to more than 20 countries around the world. The company hopes to expand its market, obtain franchise rights, or build its own sales center. The company is located in Central Europe and the Balkans, closely connected with ports, airports and highways, has a market of more than 500 million consumers, can fully vertically integrate all metal processing technologies, has EU financial support, has maintained a good relationship with scientific research institutes, and exports 70% of its products. The company has 37,000 square meters of land, 20,000 square meters of factories, more than 470 machines, sufficient space for technology development, and energy infrastructure: (4 MW electricity, pneumatic system (6 bar), tap water and cooling water). We are now seeking financial support for company expansion and plant expansion.
Europe: Croatia

Croatian construction design and supervision company seeking partners

Provide site construction, design, construction and supervision services. Develop solutions and projects for production, industrial, commercial, residential and household buildings.
Europe: Italy

Italian preschool toy and dye products compnany seeking for strategic partners in China

With more than 80 years of brand history, the company produces high-quality and safe washable children's art products in Europe. The company designs and manufactures color stationery products for children, such as watercolor pigments, finger painting pigments, acrylic pigments, color crayons, color pencils, and color palettes.
Europe: France

French pet product brand seeking 100% equity acquisition for growth ambitions

The company has more than 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing pet products. Products range from pet coats to protective equipment, with an annual turnover of about 4 million euros. Nearly half of the transactions are completed with six major franchise retail supply chains in France, with a gross profit margin of 50%. The company has a design team of more than 30 employees to meet customer needs.

The company has a manufacturing site of 5000 square meters in Western Europe, with convenient transportation and facing a deep seaport. Its brand enjoys a high reputation in the French market, and its sales in 25 countries such as Belgium, Spain, and Switzerland maintain growth. Employees are multilingual. The pet market in Europe and the world has a strong growth momentum, so the company has broad development prospects. The owners of the company are looking for partners who can promote the company to internationalization. At the same time, they hope that the partners can bring a more optimized supply chain, explore sales potential and fields, and provide new service ideas. Existing company owners are willing to stay in the company and assist the company during the company transition period.

European toy manufacturers - Seeking for buyers

With more capacity to carry out in the future, the Group is mostly based in Europe and owns two factories with different brands. This steady profitablecompany is seeking buyers to sell 100% shares while they are open for discussion.


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