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Asia: South Korea

Korean gas monitoring equipment company seeks share sale of USD 37 to 45 million.

The equipment developed by the Korean company will help overcome the process limits in the next generation of ultra-precision semiconductor device manufacturing / OLED display device manufacturing. The company's particle monitoring equipment can conduct real-time monitoring on nano-level particles (5-1000 nm). The performance is superior to the off-line monitoring products of KLA, Nanometrics, TSI, Aerodyne and other companies. The company's real-time gas monitoring products have high-speed, trace and high-resolution material analysis capability, strong anti-pollution performance, and can be monitored for a long time, which meets the engineering analysis performance requirements. The performance is superior to products of Inficon, MKS, AMETEK, Hiden Analytical and other companies. The company has a number of invention patents and many are being applied for. At present, it has become a supplier of leading enterprises such as Hynix and LG. It seeks a partial or full share sale of USD 37.4 million - 44.9 million.
Asia: Japan

Japanese functional protein production company seeks Chinese partners.

The Japanese company uses genome editing technology to extract functional proteins from farmed chickens and provide them as pharmaceutical raw materials to antibody, vaccine and other pharmaceutical companies. The CTO and CSO are the active professor and associate professor of the University of Tokushima respectively. The company completed A-round financing of USD 6.2 million in 2020 and plans to launch B-round financing of USD 10 million in the near future. It hopes to establish cooperative relations with relevant Chinese enterprises and obtain Chinese investment.
Asia: Japan

Japanese R&D of autoimmune disorder medicines company seeks USD 12m pre-IPO financing.

The Japanese company is mainly engaged in R&D of medicines for autoimmune disorders and is also preparing to carry out R&D of cancer medicines related to harmonic T cells. At present, one of the two medicines in the pipeline has entered Phase II clinical trial. The company was restructured in 2018 and registered in Taiwan. Its total investment exceeds USD 33 million. It seeks pre-IPO financing of USD 12 million (USD 5 million has been injected), and then plans to be listed in Taiwan in 2023.
Asia: Japan

Japanese new human absorbable painless micro needle company seeks C-round financing of USD 7.46 million - 11.18 million.

The Japanese company is mainly engaged in R&D and production of medical products with optical and electrical technologies. The main products are painless needles with laser processing technology, which can be used in skincare and beauty, medical anesthesia, preventive needles, and other fields. The company completed Round B+ financing at the end of 2020, with overall B-round financing of USD 5.29 million (JPY 710 million). It seeks Round C financing of USD 7.46 million - 11.18 million (JPY 1 billion - 1.5 billion) and plans to complete the IPO by the end of 2023.
Asia: Japan

Japanese non-intrusive blood glucose testing company seeks financing.

The Japanese company focuses on the development of intelligent wearable devices. Its non-intrusive blood glucose monitoring technology can avoid the harm to the body caused by the traditional blood glucose detection method while achieving the same detection effect as the traditional detection method. The core team members come from famous companies such as Sony, Toshiba, Dentsu and Toyota Tsusho Systems, and have rich experience in enterprise management and software and hardware development of electronic products. Since its establishment, the company has received USD 10 million from Taisho Pharmaceutical Group, Tomita and Alfresa Holdings. Now the company seeks financing.
Asia: Japan

Japanese lifestyle diseases drug developer seeks financing.

The Japanese company mainly focuses on the development of new medicines for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. It currently has 7 product pipelines and three products of it have entered the Phase II clinical trial. The company is jointly funded by Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Takeda and Medipal. Now it seeks financing.
Asia: Japan

Japanese polymer microsphere technology development company seeks financing.

The Japanese company is mainly engaged in the development of polymer microsphere technology, which can effectively improve the safety and effectiveness of proteins for cancer treatment. The technologies of protein packaging, protection and release independently developed by the company have applied for exclusive patents. The company has established cooperation with many well-known national and international pharmaceutical enterprises such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Merck, Daiichi-Sankyo, GSK and AstraZeneca to jointly promote project research and development ("R&D") and clinical trials. It now seeks financing.
Asia: Japan

Japanese non-invasive blood glucose detection technology company seeks financing.

The Japanese company is an intelligent wearable device technology supplier, which can provide detection solutions for blood pressure, heartbeat, body temperature, blood oxygen and other physical characteristics. The non-interventional blood glucose detection developed by the company can use the spectrometer to measure the blood glucose level of users in a non-invasive manner. At present, the company has obtained USD 10 million financing from Taisho Pharmaceutical Group and Alfresa Holdings Corporation. Now it seeks financing.
Asia: Japan

Japanese high performance battery and storage system company seeks financing.

The Japanese company's main products include a hybrid battery system, which is compatible with lithium batteries, lead batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, etc., and lithium batteries with ultra-high power charge and dischagre. At the same time, it is also developing lithium batteries with ultra-high energy density and high-capacity anode materials. The company's products can be widely used in power storage, power generation systems, industrial batteries, decentralized batteries, electric vehicles and other fields. Since 2014, the total financing scale of the company has been nearly USD 14.9 million (JPY 2 billion). Investors include industrial giants such as Kansai Electric Power and Mitsubishi Materials. The company now seeks financing.
Asia: Japan

Japanese microbial gene data innovation platform seeks financing.

The Japanese company has exclusively developed single-cell genome analysis technology, which is the only effective technology that can obtain the complete genome sequence of microorganisms at present and can be used to serve the leading compound discovery, compound structure optimization, target gene research and other fields involved in the clinical development of pharmaceutical enterprises. The company has 19 employees. The four core founding team members come from well-known universities such as the University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Kobe University, and have work experience in international pharmaceutical companies, scientific research institutions, the Boston Consulting Group and other institutions. In 2020, the company obtained B-round financing of USD 5.43 million (JPY 730 million), seeking C-round financing to expand to the Chinese market through technology licencing.
Asia: Turkey

Turkish auto parts manufacturing company seeks to sell 50% equity.

The Turkish company is a power engine parts manufacturer, mainly producing piston, cylinder liner, gas ring and other parts. The company is jointly established by a Turkish local enterprise and the American Federal Mogul. It has famous customers such as Audi, Volvo, General Motors and Ford. It owns a Turkish-listed company. In 2020, the company's revenue is USD 262 million (EUR 250 million). The company has three factories in Istanbul with a total area of nearly 90,000 square meters. The company seeks to sell 50% equity.
Asia: Turkey

Turkish textile company seeks to sell 58% equity.

The Turkish company is the manufacturer and exporter of worsted wool fabrics. It has a history of 48 years and can produce wool, cashmere, silk fabrics, Lycra, polyester, linen, viscose, cotton fabrics, etc. It has more than 400 customers including Boss, M&S, Ralph Lauren, Zara, H&M and other world-famous brands. Products have been exported to more than 50 countries. The company's sales in 2020 are USD 40 million. It seeks to sell 58% equity.


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