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Europe: Netherlands

Dutch AI company seeks market development.

European company, a well-known domestic navigation enterprise, and Eindhoven University of Technology jointly incubate, based on the real-time deep learning algorithm of camera and radar system, committed to the development of the next generation of integrated automatic driving artificial intelligence system and all kinds of intelligent real-time decision system based on sensors.
Europe: Netherlands

Dutch semiconductor company seeks investment for their new products-WIFI6 Bluetooth.

The semiconductor company, former part of Philips Semiconductor, provides chip development services in wireless communications, RF technology, analog and mixed signal processing, vehicle radio broadcasting and other fields. The European technology team is located in the Netherlands and its members have more than 10 years of RF industrial product R&D experience. Based on nearly 30 years of R&D accumulation, the company plans to develop a new generation of Bluetooth chip (TWS, SOC). The company has a mature WiFi 5 underlying architecture system, and has carried out some WiFi 6 architecture research and development in 2019, which will be regarded as the strategic goal of the first phase. At the same time, it will continue to provide technical services for existing and potential domestic customers and explore the possibility of in-depth cooperation. The initial R&D team is expected to be 20 people in Europe and 10 in China. With the development of product R&D, the domestic team plans to expand rapidly, so as to realize rapid iteration at the digital end and application end. The European team will grow steadily, mainly focusing on the R&D of core RF technology, mass production of products and subsequent application end operation and maintenance, all of which are located in China. At present, it is planned to achieve rapid growth of at least two main lines of business within five years and plan to be listed.
Europe: Germany

German high-precision laser microcimputer manufacturer seeks investment.

The company is headquartered in Germany, is one of the global leaders and technical pioneers in designing and manufacturing high-precision laser microcomputers for ultrafast lasers.
The company's product laser micromachining system covers all micromachining processes. The design of 5-axis synchronous machining has a high-precision guide rail, which can ensure 1μm precision in X, Y, and Z directions, and direct linear motor to achieve the best motion accuracy.
At present, the company has 80 employees, has about 9,000 square meters of production workshop and 2,000 square meters of office area is responsible for D&R of mechanical design technology and provides complete solutions for maintenance throughout the process.
Europe: Europe

European blockchain-based VR platform is looking for investment.

An existing Blockchain-based VR platform in Europe that provides high quality VR content for music and entertainment is seeking funding.The platform has the following characteristics: users can watch real-time or demand real concerts in VR; Users can choose different camera angles to experience the concert in their favorite location; Users can purchase a single song or a whole concert in the application (both IOS and Android platforms have been launched) or on the platform website; Users can enter the coupon code and enjoy the selected content for free. The platform launched ICO globally last year and has raised millions of euros so far. The platform issues its own virtual currency, which can be used to pay on the website or in the application to buy the content you want to see. Virtual currency owners can enjoy lower prices and exclusive access to additional content. The first test of the platform has been completed, and the cooperation talks with many record companies and well-known artists is also progressing smoothly. Now the platform seeks financing to further promote the follow-up cooperation with Viacom.
Europe: Europe

European suspension and temperature control technology company seeks Chinese partners and investment.

The company is a leading European suspension and temperature control technology company for air cushion annealing furnace, with property rights of suspension technology and temperature control software technology. The company uses air cushion transmission method in the application of drying furnace for aluminum, steel and others. Because it is not limited by the physical properties of materials, it can greatly increase the length of drying furnace and improve production efficiency. In terms of air cushion transmission technology, the company uses proprietary suspension technology, which has a wider range of applications. In terms of temperature control system, the company has a complete set of mathematical models for temperature control: for the strip heat treatment process, the company accurately controls the drying speed and material temperature to ensure the quality of material polymerization and the smoothness and structure of material surface; For air cushion annealing furnace, the company can accurately control the temperature in various links such as heating, insulation and rapid cooling; For alloy materials, the company's accurate temperature control can ensure the hardness and plasticity of materials. The company hopes to find strategic partners in China, in which the production link needs to be in the charge of Chinese partners. The company provides design, technical support and relevant training. The two sides form an exclusive cooperative relationship to jointly carry out business in China and Europe.
Europe: Germany, France

Swiss automation solutions manufacturer seeking strategic partners

The company is a leading supplier of automation solutions for domestic and foreign customers in Switzerland. Its products are used in the production, assembly and testing processes of various industries (including feeding, labeling, welding and brazing, connection, metering and bonding, testing, processing, etc.), such as automomotive, medical technology, tabulation and electronic and pneumatic components, home decoration parts, food processing.
The company was established in 1995, with offices in Germany and France and four subsidiaries. It has production bases in more than 30 countries such as Central and North America, Europe and Asia (Singapore and China).
The main products include transmission lines, index turntables, robots, injection molding machines, as well as machine charging, pallet and packaging solutions
Main customers include Nestle, Siemens, Stryker and Delphi.
The underlying operating income is 60 million euros, EBITDA is 6 million euros and about 200 employees.
Europe: Croatia

Croatian communication solutions design and development firm seeking strategic partners

The company is a company dedicated to communication solutions, undertaking the design and development of communication products for telecom companies, energy enterprises, transportation companies and government agencies, including system installation and maintenance.
The solutions and services provided by the company are based on high-quality and reliable products, such as transmission technology (PDH / SDH multiplexer and microwave radio system), IP technology, copper pair and optical cable access technology, and management and supervision system.
In addition to providing innovative products and solutions, the company also provides maintenance systems, ensures the supply of spare parts, and upgrades software.
Europe: Croatia

Croation welding and heat treatment equipment firm seeking partners

The company sells equipment for welding, cutting, heat treatment and other technologies in the metal industry.
Europe: Britain

Innovative UK listed industrial priting equipment manufacturer selling majority shares

The company is a UK-listed company with group revenue of more than £ 60 million in 2018. The company designs and develops the world's leading piezoelectric on-demand printing technology and industrial digital printing head. At present, the company plans to sell its thin-film piezoelectric printhead business department. The main product of the business department is an inkjet printhead with independent intellectual property rights, whose core technology is widely used in the printing industry. To develop the technology, the company has invested £ 60 million in the early stage. At present, the products have reached cooperation intentions with several OEM customers.
Europe: Spain

Spanish MEMS sensor supplier seeking investors

As a supplier of MEMS sensors, the company's products are widely used and can provide excellent performance for electronic products. The company has diversified products and solutions, with a complete supply chain, top suppliers, and excellent teams.
Europe: France

French SaaS company is seeking buyers

The company gains €1.1 million revenue in 2020 by equipping 3 million square meters.For interested buyers, the sector benefits from strong medium-term market drivers such as regulation, the environment, and the rising use of the system in France, therefore has huge market potential.


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