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Special Announcement: Dezan Shira & Associates Names Four New Partners to begin 2024

Dezan Shira & Associates marks the start to 2024, by proudly announcing the recent appointment of four highly tenured experts from several of our key offices.  

Making partner this year are Jenny Liao, Allan Xu, Jennifer Lu, and Riccardo Benussi. With this appointment the firm recognizes the significant contributions they have made over their many years to the firm, our clients, and our community.  

These appointments underscore the firm’s unwavering commitment to elevating our service quality, and to fostering strong relationships with clients and partners. We believe that their diverse skills and dedication will be instrumental in driving the continued success and growth of our clients’ businesses. 

Congratulations to Jenny, Allan, Jennifer, and Riccardo on this well-deserved achievement. 

Jenny LiaoPartner – Corporate Accounting
Services Shanghai office
Jenny Liao has been a valued member of our team for nine years. Initially joining Dezan Shira & Associates in 2013, she returned in 2020 after gaining experience with a Chinese cloud-based ERP solutions provider. Leading the Big Shanghai Corporate Accounting Service team, she oversees operations in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Ningbo, playing a crucial role in advancing our outsourcing capabilities. Under her guidance, the team successfully completed numerous client projects. Starting 2021, Jenny’s responsibilities expanded to supervising our audit function, further strengthening client relationships. Jenny’s achievements include creating a highly sought-after service delivery model through collaboration with accounting teams across China, improving efficiency and profitability margins. 

With a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting from Jiaotong University and a certified member of the Association of International Accountants (AIA), Jenny will focus on incorporating technology into Corporate Accounting Service operations, expanding outsourcing models, optimizing processes, and exploring applications of artificial intelligence. 

To get in touch with Jenny, please contact her  here.

Allan XuPartner – Business Advisory
Services Shanghai office
Since joining Dezan Shira & Associates in 2015, Allan Xu has been a key player in our Shanghai Business Advisory Services (BAS) team for a solid eight years, with six of those at the team’s forefront. Allan’s dedication has been pivotal in navigating complex projects and providing substantial support to our clients, both at the office and group levels. Known for her proactive involvement in researching and sharing insights from Dezan Shira & Associates and Asia Briefing, Allan ensures our clients and partners stay well-informed. Her knack for collaboration across various departments ensures a seamless integration of client needs.

Armed with a degree in Law from East China University and a Certificate of Lawyer’s Qualification in China, Allan brings a unique mix of expertise to our clients. 

Looking forward, Allan aims to strengthen ties with Business Advisory Service teams throughout China, focusing on larger projects. She will also spearhead collaborations with leaders from various operational teams and coordinate marketing plans for upcoming Business Advisory service promotions. Allan’s forward-thinking and collaborative approach mirrors our commitment to outstanding client service and project management.

To get in touch with Allan, please contact her here.

Jennifer LuPartner – Hong Kong office
Jennifer has been a vital member of the Dezan Shira & Associates family for over 15 years, playing a key role in expanding our corporate services in Hong Kong and building strong teams in Shenzhen and Mumbai. Her dedication to providing comprehensive accounting and tax services has earned the trust of our Hong Kong clients and contributed to their business growth in Asia.

With extensive consulting expertise, Jennifer assumes a pivotal role in delivering comprehensive solutions to clients expanding from a single location to multiple operations across different countries. Specializing in guiding clients through the intricacies of financial software solutions for diverse geographical operations, she works closely with our Asia leadership team to customize strategies for international clients. 

In her new position, Jennifer will manage the Hong Kong office, the Shenzhen outsourcing team, and the Shared Service Centre (SSC) in Mumbai. She will also develop more high-level advisory projects from Hong Kong, contribute to seminars and webinars on technical topics, and work with colleagues to develop our client base and secure lucrative projects.

To get in touch with Jennifer, please contact her here.

Riccardo BenussiPartner – Director of Europe Munich
Germany office
Joining Dezan Shira & Associates in 2014, Riccardo Benussi brings a wealth of experience to our team. Based in Munich, Germany, Riccardo serves as the primary contact for our European clients and partners, collaborating with businesses to navigate and enhance their presence in Asia. Previously, Riccardo spent over six years in Shanghai, leading our International Business Advisory team there. His leadership was instrumental in expanding our reach in Europe through spearheading the efforts of the firm’s Italian, Spanish, and German Desks.

Riccardo is actively involved in researching and sharing insights from Dezan Shira & Associates and Asia Briefing, fostering networks throughout Europe. This year, he was appointed as a Board Member of ETL Global. Holding a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Bologna, Riccardo is in a strong position to advise clients on legal, IP, and other Asia market risks and opportunities. 

His previous roles include serving as a post-graduate fellow with the Italian Trade Agency in Rome and Shanghai, along with working as a trademark specialist at Italian and Chinese IP law firms. In his new capacity, Riccardo is set to further expand our European client portfolio and strengthen our on-the-ground team.

To get in touch with Riccardo, please contact him here.

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