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Dezan Shira & Associates Providing IIT and Social Insurance Trainings in Light of New Regulations


Starting next year, foreigners working in China will no longer be entitled to some tax-free fringe benefits, including housing rental, children’s education, and language training costs. This will result in a larger tax liability for some higher-earning foreign workers.

With some companies worried about how the upcoming changes will affect them and their employees, Dezan Shira was invited to provide training sessions for their HR teams and foreign employees, helping to build transparency and understanding during the upcoming transition period and providing insight on handling challenges such as increased tax burdens and labor costs.

Our HR team built a customized training plan explaining important topics such as upcoming changes in the new year, how to calculate Individual Income Tax in the transition period, overview of the pending social insurance reform, and changes in cost to hire.

With the end of the year approaching fast, we were happy to be able to help companies navigate these changes and strongly advise others to begin preparing as soon as possible.


Dezan Shira & Associates Training Services

Dezan Shira & Associates has been closely monitoring the regulatory changes and is committed to providing professional services including HR & Payroll training programs.

We can provide tailored training programs according to the actual needs of your company.

Our training services related to human resources mainly include:

  • Individual Income Tax Calculations
  • IIT & Social Insurance
  • Optimizing employees’ IIT scheme
  • Other HR & Payroll services

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We provide professional services tailored to Asia´s business environment across the full business cycle.

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