Ines Liu Participates in Alumni Leaders Forum

Although in person events have been cancelled, our Australian Desk is still connecting with individuals and businesses in the Australian community. Recently Ines Liu, Head of the Australia Desk, participated in Macquarie University’s inaugural (virtual) Alumni Leaders Forum.

The forum brought together alumni network leaders from across the globe.  Alumni from North America, China, South Korea, France, Japan, the UK, Thailand, Singapore, and all over Australia gathered to connect with each other and network.

Support in Uncertain Times

Now more than ever, we believe it is important to maintain and build strong connections with our communities.  We will continue to be active and participate in online events held by members of the community and host our own as well.

Our Australian Desk is here to support you and help keep your China and SE Asian business running as smoothly as possible.  For more information about how Covid-19 is affecting businesses visit our Covid-19 Information Portal or contact Ines directly to see how we can help you.

Virtual Alumni Leaders Forum

Virtual Alumni Leaders Forum

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