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Strengthening Partnership with German Business Association, Long Hau Corporation, and Savills

German Business Association’s Members to Members program

On April 16, Do Thanh Huyen, Business Intelligence Assistant Manager – German Desk, conducted a webinar titled Response to Supply Chain Disruption during Covid-19 – The Vietnam Perspective.

The webinar, held in appreciation of the strategic partnership between Dezan Shira & Associates and German Business Association in Vietnam (GBA), was available exclusively for GBA’s members, aiming to help German enterprises in Vietnam overcome the Coronavirus outbreak and develop a post-crisis strategy for supply chains.

The virtual seminar is a part of the Members to Members program, launched by GBA recently to enhancing mutual understanding and engagement among its members.

For further insights on the topic, please view the webinar here.

A Joint Webinar to Guide the Industrial Real Estate Market

On April 24, Trent Davies, International Business Advisory Manager, joined Long Hau Corporation and Savills in a discussion reviewing the impact of COVID-19 on Vietnam’s industrial real estate sector and its implications for the industry during and after the pandemic. The virtual discussion, titled Investment Opportunities in Industrial Real Estate Industry during and after COVID-19, is a result of the long-standing partnership between Dezan Shira & Associates and Long Hau Corporation, an industrial park developer in Long An, Vietnam. Readers who are looking for insights on the topic can view the webinar here.

As a leading multi-disciplinary advisory firm in Asia, Dezan Shira & Associates has always been committed to developing business intelligence and understanding the region’s complex regulatory environment. Partners who would like to collaborate with us, please send an email to Trang Nguyen (Jasmine).

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